Poll group gets heated giving opinions on Trump speech

Things got heated when pollster Frank Luntz sampled opinions from a poll group after President Trump’s speech to Congress. Subscribe to the “CBSN” Channel …


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Poll group gets heated giving opinions on Trump speech

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  1. Trump is the best president we've had in a very long time. Just one year in and already historic tax and regulatory reform, booming stock market, a growing economy and unemployment near 45-year lows. Thanks Trump!!!!

  2. He gave the Demos a good deal, but they rejected it because of Pelosi and Schumer and their hate the Pres. agenda. These folks are confused…they probably follow the mainstream media.

  3. We have always screamed "MORE TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT!" now you have a president who gives you his most naked thoughts every day via twitter. It doesn't have to be totally correct or accurate, but it's the naked unfiltered thoughts from the man himself. How much more transparent can you get? Trump uses twitter to get his thoughts out there to open up the discussion on anything at all. He's not afraid to state which direction he is leaning, then he lets the world discuss it and do the fact checking. In the end, every point is thoroughly discussed, and all schools of thoughts collide. Everyday becomes a debate on what is good for the country. He doesn't care if he makes a mistake, as long as the discussion takes place and every step he takes is discussed out in the open. You can't get more transparent than that people. YOU wanted it and he gave it to you, then you complain that it's too much info!

  4. Liberals continue to show they don't get Trump. Why? Because Trump uses common sense. And watch. hes 5 moves ahead almost all the time.

  5. This is unbelievable!  Trump only cares about money and he has no interest in how our country will go done on many levels.  Remember, Trump is narcissistic and a liar and dangerous!

  6. Stay in the cities you plebeians. I'd rather here my chickens during the day than 2 seconds of these government educated hicks.You are not welcome in the country where educated people live.

  7. I'm thankful that we have a president that calls out fake news and divisive agendas on twitter that are targeted to destroy our authentic democracy. To turn this nation around it will bring "friction" and I'm willing to deal with re opening wounds to heal correctly.

  8. The woman from Guatemala should be ashamed of her self for talking without with data on hand. Shame on you for slamming hard working people from Central America on national TV. Thumb down!.

  9. it was a fucking awesome speech!!!
    like every other person in the world, Trump has his faults.. maybe more so than most people. but he also has a lot of good in him!
    curse him all u want hez gonna MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  10. Ah yes, the morbidly obese black woman trying to stop anyone from talking that doesn't agree with her further proving that free speech and civil discourse are the real enemy of the left in America.

  11. Yes we came from immagrents But in those days we didnt have people trying to kill us so when the left says let them come to our country now in modern time .its about killing our way of life .dont be a dumb ass .do the math

  12. The president doesn't meet with you. You meet with the president. He's way to busy to work around your schedule. You adjust your schedule around his. Same way in the military when dealing with the chain of command. Something people like the angry black woman don't understand.

  13. Everything he said was a smokescreen. I can't believe anyone will actually fall for it. His policies on their own are atrocious. Fear, once again was his main theme. His speech writer is a very good liar, unlike Trump. Trump knows his base believes his lies. These were lies for a wider audience. He will try to take our health insurance. "Choice" and "Options" in health insurance means we will have the opportunity to "access" (buy) poor coverage with prohibitive co-pays, deductibles and premiums; the very type of policies the aca regulates. There is no terrorist threat in the US to speak of, Americans with guns are a FAR greater threat to our safety. Crime is at one of the lowest points in over 60 years. We need aliens to drive the economy and work our farms etc. VOICE is an insult. It uses crime victims as propaganda. Aliens commit fewer crimes than natives. On and on, lies and fear and and fluff. I don't buy it and neither should you.

  14. I hear very few Guatemalans don't like Mexicans thus support Trump. that's is the only explanation for that Guatemalan women who supports Trump.

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