Polarised Politics

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May has done a great job of dividing the country even further. To see Jonathan Pie: The FAKE NEWS Tour go to


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  1. Stupid Wh*toids, UK belongs to us now, we gonna breed you out. Arab Afro Alliance, your daughters are ours to use as we see fit.
    And you
    And if you try.
    Your Police are on OUR side.
    Goodbye Wh*toids.
    And thank you Left wing Wh*toids for helping us destroy you. SUKKAZ.

  2. I just watched 4 of your videos back-to-back that I had previously missed and I must say you are no longer a funny comedian commenting on politics but just another enraged social justice warrior complaining about everything but offering neither solutions or amusement. You are a shadow of your former self. Just another embittered lackluster political commentator offering nothing but misplaced rage. The old Jonathan Pie was much better. At least that guy made a person laugh at the foibles of the political world. This guy is just a Screeching asshole.

  3. Having said that, when did the general public give a fuck? It's nothing new, Brexit or no Brexit we hate politicians or are indifferent to them.

  4. The silent majority at 63% … won't be silent much longer. Oh and I think he said the fame chasing sluts will LET you grab 'em by the pussy to get the part … was that wanking for coins or clicks?

  5. I wanna say … Sorry to our Brit cousins.
    Our American ridiculousness towards our elected officials has spread across the pond. We DO have the antidote, but it’s Bernie Sanders & he’s not a corp fool so, chances are that, once again, we’ll collectively slit our OWN throats before electing an ACTUAL Progressive.

  6. Have to correct you on this one. He insisted that he wouldn’t rape his opponent. The media was so horrified that he facetiously joked that maybe he would cave under the pressure. At which point the media pretended that they were five hear olds who don’t understand sarcasm or context and would really do this. Something the public couldn’t help but notice the media felt was really, really, important, unlike, you know, the actual rape of all the people in Rotherham and other places.

  7. i didnt give a fuck in the first place but the entertainment brexit has provided is amazing. remainers and brexiteers are so much fun to troll they bite on anything you say.

  8. David Cameron ……Finchley road …go check about that one….treasonous money grabbers. Well done Johnathon …Vote for Johnathon Pie …..he knows the game.

  9. I honestly think he is the British answer to George Carlin…. Still young but I can see him maturing into some utterly cutthroat social commentariat ala GC… Can't wait for him to enter his seventies and be as bitter as one-month, unwashed cunt.

  10. In fairness, turnout may not mean much, given that everyone knew it's about temporary seats. The main outcome is that even with low turnout (typically bad for outsiders) the establishment parties got massacred.

  11. I like your show, but the polarisation is typical of all revolutions, as well as a vast majority totally uninterested is inheritant to it. And no, the bottom is still far aMay, away.

  12. Last joke funny, rest bollox. Pie can't do Brexit cos he's trying to be a fence sitter and that doesn't go well with his angry man of common sense schtick. I have literally heard no-one say that a second ref will bring the country back together – it's a way of resolving a dilemma and taking a course of action which parliament is incapable of doing. Farage is not claiming that No Deal is painless – not now anyway – he is saying that it's a price worth paying. Not everyone who is angry is hurling insults, in fact the vast majority aren't. And most of the country does still give a shit, they just do usually do European elections. Way off the mark again. Just like the previous 30odd episodes on Brexit.

  13. 'Wanking for Coins'. Ah the genius and influence that is Sir Charlie of Brooker ♥️……

    …… Ooooo that reminds me, new Black Mirror this week 😊😍 xxx

  14. 63% dont give a shit.
    Because there's really no one in politics to give a shit for.
    I'd rather have the royal family back at this point, Make the lazy gits earn there money.

  15. Apparently Donald wants a slice of our NHS while feeding us chlorinated chicken. I'd say that is quite a good business model. Feed the population crap, and when they get sicker and charge them exorbitantly to get cured. Brilliant!

  16. If you feel like you've hit rock bottom, and that there's no hope left, just realize and comfort yourself with the fact, things cant possibly get much worse.

  17. To be fair, the turn out for these EU Elections was about the same as all the previous ones.
    People didn't give a fuck back then, they don't give a fuck now.

    All they gave a fuck about was a Referendum which they were told to give a fuck about and riled up into action.

    35.6% of the electorate turned up for the 2014 EU Elections.
    37% turned up for the 2019 EU Elections.

    As least a few more people gave a shit this time around.

    Still….pretty sorry state of affairs that only 35.6% voted in 2014…then 72.2% turn up for the Referendum…then 37% for the 2019.

    They've never really cared about who represents them in the EU. So, to say people are sick of it and the difference in percentage represents that is a little dishonest…..don't you think?

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