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  2. There are three certainties in a high-conflict divorce accompanied with parental alienation:

    1- The alienating parent is narcissist/(borderline). Only people with narcissism/(borderline) personality disorders engage in parental alienation.

    2- The targeted parent has one to all five of the following traits in order to be specially selected by the above as a regulatory object, withstand their abuse and provide no end of supply:




    Had a narcissistic/borderline parent

    Overly positive

    3- At least 2 out of three, or four of any children involved will become infected with the psychopathology and one will be used for continued supply and emotional/psychological abuse.

    All of the children will suffer from being alienated from a parent and will never achieve their full potential. Into their adulthood, they will be guided by their psychopathology in ways they will be lucky to survive.

    These are certainties. It is a dire situation, affects all of society and something to keep at the forefront of your mind when you encounter this in your life. There is more to all of this than just a simple, run of the mill high-conflict divorce in fact it is the nature of high-conflict divorces.

    If you are involved in any way, whether experiencing it firsthand, witnessing it directly or indirectly, it is imperative that you take a stand and try to educate yourself and others in every way possible to prevent it from happening and to help those affected.

    Beyond that, mental health professionals, child welfare advocates, lawyers, police and any members of the alienating parent's coalition are selected for having this psychopathology, or, are ultimately guided by someone with narcissism/(borderline) personality disorder. If not, the alienating parent will aggress the person until they either submit out of fear of reprisal, convince them with delusions and distortions or be dismissed by them and reported.

    Those with the psychopathology cannot help but to function within the dictates of the disease and side immediately and steadfastly with the narcissistic/(borderline) pathogenic parent in a way that helps spread the disease. Any normal, empathic, loving person will never receive anything but token support, and, at this point, it remains uncertain if it is out of their primal fear of good people being empowered and rising up against them, or a skewed/delusional belief system that leads them to think they are right, but they will always function in a way that hurts these people in any way they can and keep them divided in every way possible as well to ensure, with no empathy, that the children remain stuck within that pathogenic environment.

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