OVERNIGHT OATS | easy, healthy breakfast & 6 flavor ideas!

Learn how to make the perfect batch of overnight oats! It’s one of the easiest, no-cook breakfast recipes that will leave you with healthy grab-and-go breakfasts to …


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34 thoughts on “OVERNIGHT OATS | easy, healthy breakfast & 6 flavor ideas!

  1. The flavor combinations really are endless. I wanted to add about a half a dozen more flavors to this video – ha! Maybe I'll have to do a follow-up video. 😉 But I'd love to hear what your favorite flavor combos are! xo – Lisa

  2. You are a genious and a lifesaviour.
    Im a guy living in china, and thanks to the delicious but really fatty food here i gained 20kgs in 18 months. Im starting diet and gym this month but even if i love cooking at home , i hate doing that in the morning.
    Your solution came right on time when i was looking for it. Thanks a lot

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