Niharika Chaitanya First Interview After Marriage | #NISCHAY | #AnchorDeepthi | Sakshi TV

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27 thoughts on “Niharika Chaitanya First Interview After Marriage | #NISCHAY | #AnchorDeepthi | Sakshi TV

  1. తెలుగు రాకపోతే ఉరేసుకొని సచ్చిపోండి తెలుగు గడ్డ మీద పుట్టి తెలుగు మాట్లాడడానికి రోగమా మీకేమన్నా

  2. I have a doubt. Have these two kids achieved anything in life to be interviewed? Have they given any knowledge to the viewers by the end of the interview? Aren't there any eligibility/ qualifications to be interviewed?
    It's a shame that while the Mega Family boasts of a dozen people from the industry,what have they done significantly for the Pandemic victims? While Sonu Sood provided from his own pocket to airlift the migrants , it's a shame that the Mega Family flew to Udaipur by chartered flights during the thick of the Pandemic. More so,I fail to understand how Niharika,could adorn such costly jewellery and clothes,being the daughter of a not so successful actor. What a shame! Stop eulogising them viewers.

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