NEW POLL: Voters OVERWHELMINGLY Oppose Corporations Engaging In Political Speech

On today’s What America’s Thinking, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds 61 percent of voters said it is not appropriate for corporations to engage in political speech, …


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26 thoughts on “NEW POLL: Voters OVERWHELMINGLY Oppose Corporations Engaging In Political Speech

  1. Shallow discussion. How do you define political discourse, what counts as it and what doesn't? How those same demographics feel towards corporations validating their political beliefs, whatever they might be, versus how they feel towards corporations going against what they believe? Those are fundamental questions in this topic, but were not addressed neither on the premises, nor in the data collection.

    Does corporate lobby counts as political discourse? Corporations and their execs pushing for changes in taxation and government spending are THE MOST POWERFUL political action of our time, yet I feel like most people don't see that as political discourse/political action. I think what most people have in mind when they talk about corporate political discourse is personified corporate twitter accounts talking about climate change, wage equality or racism, which to me sounds much more like PR stunts than political discourse per se. Not that people behind those PR campaigns necessarily are cynical and just want to exploit real people's beliefs in favor of their brand/product, they might very well believe in what they are putting forward, but they aren't doing it without heavy research and deeply conceptualized and technically executed marketing campaigns.

    IMO, people's opinions about corporate political discourse and action changes in regard to what the position is and how that person feels about that particular issue. It's pretty evident that GOP voters dislike CEOs, execs and corporations they view as Liberal or as endorsing what they believe are Liberal values or priorities, but enjoy when its their values or priorities that are being addressed, and the same happens with DEM voters as well. The way I see, there's no clear cut definitions on the topic and people are taking positions according to their prior beliefs instead of trying to take a deeper look at the phenomena, and that serves only to entrench them deeper into their partisan positions.

  2. You're not getting at why they think this way. GOP hate it when corporations say they support black people. Dems like it when corporations say they like black people. Independents hate what corporations have to say because those corporations are still crony capitalists. But The Hill NEVER sorts these things out. And they don't even care too.

  3. The company I work for is so liberal I can hardly stand it. If I have an opportunity to leave I’m gone. Our CEO is a woke, liberal puke. Either that or he’s doing it because he’s caving to the social justice garbage. When people don’t have the balls to stand on their own two feet it shows their weakness.

  4. give Americans back their government. elected representatives and public officials should be obedient to and accountable to voters' ballots and referendum initiatives; not the biggest money pockets. the only time where they may have a need to act on their own could be in a state of emergency, or because of newly planned referendums. how is it that a far smaller country with fewer advanced economic sectors, like switzerland, is able to host a more representative democracy than the wealthiest nation in history? figure it out, America.

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