New media, old politics

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New media, old politics

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  1. Why does the UK like to pretent that it is in the middle of the Atlantic?? British goods will have no value with tariffs in Europe which by the way is the continent the UK is in! 60 percent of British exports are to the EU. Trade deals are all well and good, but besides the current us government most are outspoken against Brexit! And will offer us a no better deal than that which the EU granted. I'm not a fan of the left, but neither am I right wing. I'd classify myself as centre wing.

  2. The EU always said "the four liberties of the EU are inseparable" and "there will be no cherry picking". But we dont stop trying it…so embarrassing! LETS LEAVE AND THATS IT!!!

  3. Please Share widely

    Dear all, There been much store recently about "fake news" in the media, possibly collusion with foreign powers that might have influenced Brexit, such as Russia, but what if that fake news and misinformation comes from somewhere else, some where much closer to home?

    A new government committee chaired by Damien Collins MP has been set up to investigate "fake news" by the influential Department of Digital, Culture Media and Sports, where all of the committee members have admitted voting to remain in the EU Referendum, at the recent meeting that grilled Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore. No bias there then!! Aaron Banks funded much of the Leave.EU campaign which subsequently lost official backing to Vote Leave campaign chosen by the pro-EU Electoral Commission. Mr Banks contributing 9 million quid.from his own pocket to Leave.EU. This committee is ultimately tasked to control what you are able to view on all internet media platforms as they see "fake news" as a direct attack on democracy itself. Damien Collins has recently said he doesn't like the term fake news and would prefer the term "misinformation". How true but whose misinformation is he talking about?

    Perhaps an enquiry into themselves in the 2016 referendum and also the respective Ted Heath and then Harold Wilson government in the 1975 referendum would be good places to direct their investigations for fake news and misinformation by the various past governments, the Cameron government and the BBC.

    In the link below is an account by author David Barnby who wrote a book called The EU: The Corporatist Racket. How the European Union was created by Global Corporatism.

    David Barnby unearthed the Foreign Office secret file FCO 30/1048 from the National Archives in Kew, in Jan 2002. This 30 year government secret exposed that Ted Heath PM was fully aware that Common Market membership would ultimately mean full loss of UK national sovereignty by the end of the century.
    A full annotated version of FCO30/1048 can be read here by Dr Richard North from EU referendum

    David Barnby talks to much revered broadcaster Brian Gerrish from UK Column news before the 2016 Referendum in detail of the backroom antics by various secret government agencies and MPs to blatantly lie in parliament and shoehorn the UK into joining the EEC in 1972 and subverting public opinion into remaining in the Common Market in the 1975 referendum, headed by former intelligence spook Norman Reddaway.

    This special edition news report by UK Column News is 1hr 52 minutes long, but worth watching if not just to see what your own government is willing to do, to change your opinion on anything it wants with propaganda and lies and use all the institutes of governments resources at its disposal, including the controlled media (BBC) to achieve their final goal, namely surrendering your country to a foreign power.

    Today we still talk about collusion with foreign powers from Russia as treason, and our government will readily make wild unproven accusations, expelling diplomats from embassies as we have seen from the Salisbury nerve agent incident, but what if your greatest ally the United States was secretly demanding and applying pressure that your government gave away your country to a corporative racket known as the Common Market and your own government whether Labour or Conservative was eagerly complicit to dupe its own people into surrendering their own country against the will of the people?

    Would you be surprised if the same fake news/ misinformation were performed in the 2016 referendum by so called Remainers by all the same rehashed government agencies and other "special interest" groups from 1975 Referendum with unlimited resources, but then find it strange that instead of looking at themselves for fake news and misinformation, the Department of Digital Media Culture & Sports committee is pointing its accusing fingers at Leave groups with tiny budgets in comparison, to cry foul, when it loses?

    So sit back comfortably with a few beers and watch.
    Please Share widely

  4. To all the Trolls that scream and shout, it makes me laugh out loud.
    Followers of the MSM fake news, all screaming together in a crowd.
    Do they practice by looking in the mirror, practising how to scream.
    I wonder if they can think for themselves, or just live life in a dream.

  5. Brexit is looking pretty much fucked. The only good is (maybe) a new party will emerge and clear out the traitors of Whitehall and demolish the house of Lords

    Stick more mics in faces – "Piss Off" banner, how clever is that ? not a lot.

  6. The silent enemy that daily, people allow through their door.
    MSM newspapers, cable TV, advertising and much much more.

    For decades they've fed us misinformation, their narrative of the day.
    Co-ordinated worldwide for maximum effect, all similar in what they say.

    Operation Mockingbird, the propaganda wing that's CIA run.
    Facebook a continuation of another operation, in the 40's that begun.

    Dismissed as conspiracy theorists, by those that try to hide it away.
    Those within the system with their own agenda, a sick game they play.

    Destruction of the masses, whilst keeping them in the dark.
    They built up trust for decades, it's like trusting your kids with a shark.

    The time has come to end their power, for them to crash and burn.
    Their trust now at an all time low, to the alternative that people turn.

    The silent majority is waking, real truth is now reaching far and wide.
    MSM is dying, those & those who they protect will have no place to hide.

    It's the peoples revolution, led by a Brave President Trump and team Q.
    The course of history changing and yes dreams really can come true.

    Those awoken waking their neighbours, the whole planet uniting as one.
    Those brainwashed or unable to see yet, will awaken when it's begun.

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