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  1. I honestly hate that aesthetician, it’s the fact that she probably has a severe hormonal imbalance such as post ovarian syndrome or she needs to get a hormonal test to see what happened or might have to change her diet since the pandemic started… And maybe can go on Accutane …Yet instead her horrible aesthetician just judged her instead of actually helping her, what a HORRIBLE person. It’s acne, it’s common and she’s still pretty but as a person who used to suffer badly with it especially with post inflammatory marks that I’m still dealing with… It really does take a toll on your self-esteem, so rude remarks really hurt.💀

  2. Hi, i’ve dealt with acne since my teenage years. Now being 25, i was still struggling with adult acne which consisted mostly for cystic acne. Finally a god sent dermatologist recommended 9 months of sotret 20mg and then adapalene 0.5% for the next six. U need a good dermatologist but these two things as a combination one after the other were a ‘wow’ moment for me.
    Amazing makeup skills though! You are amazing👍🏻

  3. Una cosa más.
    A mí al principio también me decían que tenía acné…y me dieron infinidad de tratamientos que no me curaban..incluso estaba peor después de hacérmelo.
    En cuanto me fui a Barcelona y me diagnosticó la ROSACEA….siempre me he curado…al menos la cara me ha quedado limpia…entre una semana y 15 días….como nueva.
    Ojalá que lo leas….I Hope yo can read this.

  4. Hola guapa.
    Espero que te puedan traducir esto que te voy a decir.
    Yo he tenido lo mismo…y esto tiene cura.
    Al menos el aspecto es el mismo…y no es acné.
    Es un brote de Rosácea.
    Yo lo he tenido unas 4 veces en mi vida…y siempre con un buen tratamiento….me he curado.
    La primera vez tuve que tomar antibióticos un mes y durante 3 meses…lavarme la cara con un jabón especial y ponerme crema especial 3 veces al día.
    Llevaba 6 meses con la cara así…soy de Mallorca y me tuve que ir a Barcelona a ver un especialista.
    Con su tratamiento…en 15 días ya tuve la cara limpia….aunque repito que el tratamiento lo hice 3 meses.
    Después hay que eliminar muchas cosas de la alimentación….chocolate…especias…pimienta…bebidas alcohólicas….marisco….quesos fuertes….vino….
    Yo segui comiendo chocolate….no hice la dieta estricta….y aún así me cure.
    Ves a un buen dermatólogo….vale la pena.
    Y pregúntale si lo que tienes es ROSACEA.
    YO HE TENIDO ESE ASPECTO MUCHAS VECES EN MI VIDA…AHORA TENGO 59 años y hace muchos años que no he vuelto a tener un brote.
    Perdona que no te lo traduzca…paso pena de perder el vídeo..
    Si puedo lo haré
    Se pasa muy mal….pero tiene solución.
    Is the same that I have had a few times….sorry for muy bad engish.
    I Hope hoy can read this….I like helping people….good luck.

  5. I wish I could reach her somehow. I had the same problem for years… even into my 40's. I got completely rid if it in about 2 weeks once I found an over the counter product that will work for most (non hormonal) acne. I couldn't believe how long I had put up with it with such a simple cheap remedy always being within reach. Luckily I didn't scar after years of having it. The challenge for these type of things is getting them addressed ASAP to hopefully head off any scarring.

  6. She definitely does need to be tested for an underlying condition. Could also be related to stress since it started during covid. I know a few people who got awful acne from the stress of lockdown. ALSO as hard as it is, not wearing makeup might help too. Acne has a better chance of clearing up if the skin can breathe. She might even be allergic to the makeup she is using.

    This isn't to diminish her current skin condition! I'm not saying makeup is the reason. Just saying it MIGHT help to let her skin breathe.

  7. Epuris or accutane is honestly the only thing that works sometimes. It is prescription only, my family doctor referred me to a dermatologist. I had to have blood work once a month, and frequent doctor visits. BUT it works! About 5 months off the epuris ( I was on it for about 7 months) It was the only thing that worked for me and I tried everything out there.

  8. Same thing happened to me… I nevet had acne problem through my teen or my 20s but when I turned 23 boom!!!! acne breakouts all over my face…
    But all good now as I started eating more fruits, vegetables juices and salads on a regular basis.. Also included vitamin c in my diet. And results are pretty good now I have few breakouts only on my chin area..

  9. She should definitely get tests done though, it’s a bit odd to get such severe acne randomly in your twenties like that. I know how painful this must be though, wish her the best though

  10. Such an important issue. Good for sharing. I've suffered from acne since 12y of age. Now it has developed to adult acne. Scars, treatments,meds. Nowadays I use a cream ordered by a dermatologist, and it's better. But of course I've also had my kids since then and hormones aren't acting up as much.

  11. Yes even I had bad acne, i did not care what people felt about it cz I was comfortable in my skin and I never wore makeup and for the last 4 years I have a weird allergy all over my face now I visited a doc who found what exactly it is, still never wore makeup. Be yourself wear your confidence on your face. That's the most powerful makeup. And she's brave.

  12. I've always had clear skin on my face. Just the occasional pimple. Overall clear skin though. Now, my arms and legs are a diff story. I have keratosis pilaris, the goosebump skin. I have bumps on my body and on top of that, I have naturally dry skin. It makes it worse in the winter. It makes me self conscious too. But, luckily most people don't even notice it. Only if they see it up close.

  13. When I was a teenager my back was so bad you couldn’t see natural skin and they got to sizes of quarters at times. Now I’m 40 and I still get acne in my back at times. I feel her pain. Wish I can say you out grow it like every one told me. But it just slows down

  14. Well the acne may not be beautiful on the outside but it is who you are on the inside that's where the true beauty lies, and through it all it will manifest through anything exterior and surpass it. You are a beautiful girl on the inside and even through the outside and that can never be taken away you're actne will subside in time.

  15. Why are people in the comments giving her advice? As if she isn't getting any treatment already. My best friend has serious acne and the one thing she HATES being told is "hey, do you know you have acne? Are you doing anything to get rid of it?" or "you might have to start therapy". I don't understand how people can be so mindless. No, you are NOT asking because you "care". You are just being plain rude.

  16. Your dermatologist is ignorant and Im an Esthetician and your acne is cystic and most likely hormonal…sometimes trying birth control can help alleviate it along with atopical treatments.. I do believe getting another dermatologist would be a good idea

  17. This started in your 20s? There is an underlying issue here. Its probably hormones. When i am not on birth control i break out in cystic painful acne all over my body! Keep going to all different types of doctors. A round of antibiotics can help also. This is coming i think from deep under your skin.

    You are beautiful hunny! Fight for more answers

  18. Что за бред, это не красиво. У каждого из нас есть проблемы и мы скрываем это. Это все равно что если у человека повышенная потливость ног и он это не скрывает а наоборот говорит что запах просто божественный и это норма. Нет мать вашу, это не норма. Если есть проблема, ее нужно решать а не говорить что это норма .

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