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  1. oh my goodness i watched this again because im 25 weeks and i just recently measured myself and im about 40 inches and shes only 36 lol i was watching this to see if im big cause i feel alot bigger than my other 2 pregnancies

  2. I am at 25 weeks with my third baby and my other kiddos are 3 and almost 2 years old. I am having my first girl and I am noticing that my stomach is smaller around with her than with my boy pregnancies. My uterus is measuring right on time, but I swear my belly is egg shaped instead of basketball shaped like with my boys! I am also feeling all my movement down low and I think its because she is already head down. It is so neat to watch your videos because of all the similarities! I wish you the best!

  3. Hey Britney, I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and have free breastfeeding online class videos on my channel covering all kinds of topics. I suggest these two videos to start. "All you need to know at birth" and "Getting Started." These two videos can help you get a great start to successfully breastfeeding. If you have concerns you can check out other videos according to topic. If you find the videos helpful please share my info. If you have any questions or if you need any support when the baby comes feel free to contact me. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. It's been many years since I last had a baby, but I remember that pain! I actually went to the e.r. one night. It was muscle/ligament stretching, and I wore a belly belt after that and it helped a ton. 🙂

  5. I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly till after I had my son. I remember being really embarrassed because I ask the nurse what the white marks on my belly were and she was like stretch marks and I was like NO! Lol

  6. Britney I know exactly what your talking about i had that a lot while I was pregnant and I was a server so almost every day I had that pain on my right side for me it was very painful to the point where at work they would have to close my section an hour earlier because I was in so much pain

  7. i had the same muscle pain when i was pregnant with my second. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was my muscles seperating. he said there wasnt much that could be done about it. it was really uncomfortable when my son would move around in utero but as soon as i delivered my son the pain stopped. hope this helps!

  8. Haha, the way I described to people how low my son's kicks felt was "It was like he is reaching his arm out and taking it back in, that's how low and how strong he is", hang in there, mama!

  9. I too experienced muscle separation with my third pregnancy. It was uncomfortable and somewhat painful. My OB Gyn said it was normal and my body was just preparing for birth. He explained it well but I can't remember exactly what he said. I do remember walking it off it seemed to help. I hope it doesn't get worse for you. It's amazing what a woman's body can bear!

  10. I was the same way with my glucose test. Everyone had told me how horrible it was and I'd built it up that it was going to be disgusting and after the first drink I said "this is just flat orange pop"

  11. I didn't think the one hour glucose test was bad either.. until I had to take the three hour which is twice as sweet and made me want to pass out 😓

  12. Omg Britney I have that exact same pain BUT on my like where your braw band sits but it felt horrible if I laid in it which um you kinda have to! It turned out her foot was pushing against a nerve there and it was so uncomfortable I thought my belly was going to fall off lol

  13. My belly button half popped at 19 weeks, it's got a little bit to go yet before it's completely popped but it's goin and not wasting time lol this is my #2 and it popped with my first as well. My womb fruit is also all at the bottom, I only feel movement below my belly button. The more updates I watch the more I realize how similar our pregnancies are. The way I'm craving is even similar. lol

  14. I know exactly what you're talking about with the muscle thing. It happened to me in my last pregnancy, if I stood for a little while I'd get this stinging, pulling, almost ripping feeling on the bottom left side if my belly. Mine stretched from where you pointed down to my c section scar (I had a successful VBAC though! 🙂 ) so I was nervous it had something to do with internal scarring but you're right, my doctor just dismissed it as a pregnancy thing and I just had to deal with it. Hopefully your doctor can suggest something that will help!

  15. when I was pregnant with my little dude, it got uncomfortable to sit because he felt so low. It was as if I was too stiff at my hips to bend comfortably. and all his movements were low and definitely had to pee often.

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