MSNBC Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch's 5/11/19

MSNBC Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch’s 5/11/19 | MSNBC News Today May 11, 2019.


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MSNBC Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch's 5/11/19

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  1. America got exactly what it deserved. A blowfish with lot of air. That is what the country stands for. The country needs to go forward or turn back to the middle age. Make up your mind, btw if you go back to the middle age, get the hell out of all countries where you pretend you will protect democracy.

  2. Donny My question to you is how do you flip so easily four years ago you couldnt stand Obama and now you can't stand trump and you said a very nasty things about Obama and you say very nasty things about trump do you ever have any loyalty to anybody and why should I listen to you

  3. Nicole, like a heat seeking missile gets the bullseye again – attack Trump on what he cares about – being the biggest loser, and most lethal – being illegitimate this is what the Mueller report exposed and this is what gets to him most – he did not win the presidency he stole it.

  4. The economy is up so is inflation the deficit and the national debt
    So how good is the economy for the poor people
    Bozo the lying Russian clown already added more than 3 trillion dollars to our national deficit

  5. Brilliant one…Hey Trump a CARAVAN OF UR FOLLOWERS ARE GOIN TO CANADA to buy cheaper products at cheaper prizes…but they are so stupid that they probably think Obama is causing this an you would tell them it is Obama or Hillary an they believe you.These folks are so stupid that they think racism gives them Marvel Powers trump told them so..RACISM i dont feel anything–freaking ignorant idiots.

  6. In the U.K. they introduced a zero hours policy for employment. Meaning, if someone managed to find 2 hours work in a week they are listed as employed in government stats. Therefore creating a false view of lower unemployment figures. Low unemployment in the US is because the pay is soooo bad that both parents are having to work 2 jobs each, while shoving their kids into day care.

  7. The news shows have more spinoffs than primetime networks.. and most of them, like this one, are horrible. They say; "we don't have time to report all the news" – but then they recycle the same stories all day as if we don't have the same news minute by minute on our phones.

  8. Democrats far out number Republicans and all we have to do is show up and vote… Watch out because Republicans cheat and never mentioned ALL polling showed Trump lost and did not match his Electoral College win…

  9. Cracked Pot Cramer must not pay retail, big box stores, the retail shopping destination of most Americans, will not eat much of tariff hikes, and what they will they won't for long. Also, when and if the wholesale pricing reduces, they seldom lower retail pricing behind their lowered costs, never have, never will.

  10. Like everyone should keep saying; all these"jobs", are crap jobs. Part time, no benefits. And we're paying most of the taxes. These people need to go. ALL the tax cuts repealed. Citizens United, repealed. Republicans gone. This damage has to end.

  11. Dang Donnie…your show sux… hard to do with Nicole Wallace on. I’m a big fan of Donnie on other shows, but dang bro liven it up.

  12. Hi from Scotland,just to say Donny Deutsch is a breath of fresh air,he is a very funny guy,and also very clever with it.He seems to be himself and just lets the show flow.All the best to him in the future with this new venture.

  13. Man that's a great show. Very intelligent, articulate, really to the point analysis… Clear reading of what's going on. Thank you 👍 🙏

    Edit. I probably won't watch it again on this channel though, because of excessive advertisement 🤢

  14. Nicole on her show talks too much. Her questions are more th an a minute long. Her questions are longer than her guests' responses!!! She uses run on sentences that don't stop so that when she ends the sentence you lose the beginninng of the sentence and what it was about. Maybe she'll be better here.

  15. To paraphrase an old song:
    " It's his party and he'll whine if he wants to, tweet if he wants to, snark if he wants to-
    we all cry too at the damage he's done!" bamp a bam pa bum trump

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