23 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Viral Video Reveals Marriage Downfall!

  1. they are different people. Miley is quirky and doesn't want to care about what people think about her, but Liam is like a member of the royal family, extremely formal, and wanted Miley to be the same way.

  2. they got back together I knew it would last cuz there personality’s are so different now or eatleast what we see she the type of girl who likes to let loose have fun and he’s the type of guy who leaves a club at 9pm and they got together when she was a teen so she still growing she only what 26 like even on the red carpets u can tell the energy’s are just different look at them from interviews from the last song and there recent interviews together u can just tel it’s not the same and he seemed like he always tried to make Miley not provacitive or he seemed embarrassed by it

  3. You know what, they are not obligated to tell anyone about what happened. If he wanted to start a family, but she wasnt ready or didnt want to, that could have been enough to fight and then filing for a divorce.
    There is no need to try and find your own explonation about someone’s elses lives. Cause they wont tell, and they dont need to.
    Just let them be, kim kardashian and her now ex husband also got an divorce its not really that uncommon.

  4. Ik it’s sad and all that they split but legit all I could think about during this video is how happy I am that he’s single so I can come and snatch him like a dang snack 😂😂😂😂

  5. These are old video clips, old news. Wonder how much Liam’s team paid ‘not so Clever News’ to dig this again, just so Liam can be in the news again. His career stale, he is over without Miley.

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