Mental health impact of lockdown is being overlooked, says Conservative MP

Last week he told Channel 4 News thousands of people have written to him sharing their struggles since he raised the issue in the Commons earlier this year.


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44 thoughts on “Mental health impact of lockdown is being overlooked, says Conservative MP

  1. 'Progressive society', yeah right. Only a handful of people have expressed concerns or even understanding of what I'm going through. It's like the 17th century. Pretence of righteousness while only considering 'physical' to be real. Born with mild epilepsy, several episodes of depression, OCD and never stopping anxiety, and things are getting worse by the day.

  2. Well, if CW and his cohort had not pushed the govt to open too early after last lockdown, and more broadly approached C19 as SARS and not flu (see APAC where early measures/ steps were taken to avoid C19 taking hold/ settling in), then we would not be having this discussion…

  3. This interview started well with Sir Charles Walker expressing valid concerns regarding the negative mental health impact brought on by lockdown etc etc, but then it got hijacked by the pro vax clan claiming that the only solution is to vaccinate everybody as soon as possible.

    Well guess what? those of us who are genuinely rattled by this one sided view will probably end up needing ongoing therapy to deal with the massive social exclusion facing individuals who, for whatever reason, opt out of the non mandatory jab.

  4. Boris Johnson Is Priminister in name only he has lost his back bone HE is a puppet his strings are being pulled from behind, HE needs to stand up and be counted, his bubble needs to burst. THEY have this programmed mind set, all other people besides covet people aren't worthy of care and help, if they had put a package of care in place for the rest of the population but!!!! where is it? that is not Democracy every one counts the majority is being sacrificed for minority What does the word CARE mean all are worthy of care!!!!

  5. Mental health is a big problem now . Everyone out there do yoga, keep fit , Do art ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ™talk to family, friends, kid's. The effects of Lock-down worldwide will make people going back to work hard now . 100% believe the government's should do mass clean ,vaccination to opened back up uk ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งand worldwide economic growth. I don't believe people will be ok if Lock-down goes on all year and next Xmas ๐Ÿ˜•. The real war is Mental health ๐Ÿ’ฏ keep strong every one in Lock-down worldwide.

  6. Tories caring about people with mental health problems all of a sudden is the height of hypocrisy when they have systematically voted to cut mental health services and cut financial support for people with mental health problems over the last 11 years, putting them through humiliating DWP assessments by their private companies, even the UN has had 2 enquiries about disability rights violations here in the UK, we are the first country to face such an enquiry so spare us this disingenuous bleating from this Tory MP!

  7. Charles Walker is an MP and had every opportunity to make this known earlier and campaign for it, nice to see in hindsight he can say "it was not thought through", good to see positive steps taken, but dont attack when he himself had the ability more than anyone to get this addressed in april 2020

  8. The answer is simple …. get rid of this stupid fucking lockdown and let's stop following the world economic forums great reset .

    This virus is the face of that agenda and its been proven by world class scientists and economic specialists … by the name of "the world alliance of scientists" but they have been sensored.

    I could go on and on …. but for you people that think the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, you are going to be massively disappointed as the end is nowhere near.

    however, this could all be ended within a week if the people say no and resume life …. but everybody lives in the fear that has been created by the governments and the mainstream media .

    Allowing this to carry on is getting us deeper in a hole that will affect your kids and grandkids lives and thats a fact.

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