Mandela Effect – Poll #1- Why Us? What Do We All Have In Common? 2017


Why are some people experiencing the Mandela Effect and others are not? Do we all have something in common that is making us susceptible to the effect?


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  1. Hey folks, I REALLY appreciate your comments and am trying to answer everyone of them. Unfortunately I am getting overwhelmed and can't keep up. I am sorry if I don't comment on your question. If you really want me to see something, tag my name in it. Thanks for all the love and support folks, you are not alone.

  2. Dr. Lupo, I see most of these comments are from 6 months to 2 years ago and I am just now seeing your post! I have been dealing with the Mandela effect for about two years now! I would like to know if you have gained any insight about it. I have the ringing in the ears! Very empathetic, have a dog not a cat, but had a cat for a while! I have experienced sleep paralysis and I am very spiritual! Can you please lead me to any updates videos you might have or conclusions you might have come to in your research! Thank you so much! Feeling isolated!

  3. Diet is the main cause of these issues in my experience. I went keto for over a year and even then was very cautious of food sources. But both before and after ketosis my brain and the rest of my body as a whole did not function properly. Foods are being tampered with but even though we know they're unhealthy they have chemicals in them to keep us eating them and poisoning ourselves.

  4. i had an NDE but the ones i was able to recall was this but im not sure if its an NDE.
    one time when i was a kid i ate something i wasnt suppose to eat i was rushed to the hospital by my parents.
    another was in my first year of high school i.believe it was in 2013 or 2014 i was sick a lot and one night
    i was having trouble breathing
    (kinda like an asthma attack)
    i was trying to breathe but i couldnt, someone called an ambulance but by the time they came i was able to breathe again.
    this wasnt me but me amd my family went to a vacation on a beach, my family went to eat somewherefor breakfast or lunch( i forgot which one it was)
    for breakfast or lunch( i forgot which one it was)
    i was asleep at the motel.
    so it was traffic where they went they almost had a car sccident and it was the other drivers fault.
    my brother had a bump on his head one of my sisters was gonna fly off to the front but was saved by my other sister thankfully they only had bruises. my parents also had minor bruises.
    i kept on thinking that if my family only had minor bruises would it had been worse?
    another time was that my dad and my brother went somewhere with a friend of my dads, i remember that i wanted to go with them but my dad didnt let me go.
    so wherever they went they were gone for almost half a day.
    I was tired went to sleep. but when i was barely gonna wake up i heard someone mentioned a hospital. i was starting to get a bad feeling so i went to my aunt's house(who lived next door to us) and told her if she had heard anything from my dad and something about a hospital she said no. so i went back to my house still having the bad feeling coudnt sleep until i did. this was during the night.
    and on the next day i heard from my mom that they were in a car accident but they were alive they only needed stitches.(this was during the time when my parents seperated).
    my brother got into another accident and his car was almost in bad shaped but he made it out alive(he was falling asleep while driving).
    you know now that i discoved that the NDE may be connected to the ME i was left wondering that if all of them died from the car accidents and may have shifted to a reality where they didnt. or if i had died and shifted as well.

  5. I have know these things all my life but I could not articulate them.Since I played Lost in Space when I was very young I felt not of this world. I dream constantly about a parallel world too weird to mention.Things I have invented in my head or said somehow become reality.Its almost like the world is looking for me to come up with another angle, or words, or physical changes: I read this back and I sound like an idiot.. too ridiculous But it’s true.I stay true to what I see and feel.. perhaps it’s not a mainstream thing but people want to get to know me always and I have great empathy I feel a person or animals deep feelings and their pain. It’s exhausting so I need more sleep than other people I noticed.People stare at me my whole life,even now at 57 I keep thinking what are they looking at. I Was attractive once so I don’t understand why people continue to stare. Whenever I catch public transport I always see angels smiling or giving good vibes. They look like just people .. last angel I saw a few weeks ago on the Bus to work.. As this woman got off the bus she handed a little Asian girl in a pram travelling with her Dad ::: he was so cute interacting with his little girl,a beautiful hand made card with words I could not read.. things like that happen often on public transport🤷‍♀️

  6. I’d like to know how many of us are there? Because I’ve met, NONE. I’ve showed plenty of M.E. Videos to people and I know the deniers watch these videos from time to time to make fun of us.
    So using views as a standard idea doesn’t work for me. I’d say not even a third of ME views are from us.
    What I’m really getting at is….
    Are we 144,000.

    Because, if we got snatched up and taken from our beds while sleeping somewhere back around 2010-2012
    And placed into a Star Trek type o Holodeck as an ALMOST exact replica of earth. Meanwhile our fellow old earth sinners and unrighteous brothers n sisters were left to suffer through the famine And WWIII and all that comes with it.
    I kinda don’t think that is the case because I see a new Mandela effect almost every time I listen to music and look at lyrics. And I also know that just because you are ME effected doesn’t mean u will share in all of the ME changes. For instance I agree with almost all of the ME’s in the domain except for maybe a handful of them. For me that would be the Crocodile Dundee quote, the dingo took your baby lady quote, the street lights with green on top. There’s a few more I know. That would make sense if we all came from separate timeline/dimensions where God collected us here and there and put us here.
    I don’t know, but what I do know is it’s spiritual and it’s a message for us. And for a while I thought there might be a message in the ME’s.
    Like, “No, I am your father”. Ok that tells me it’s from the father. And so on. But since now there’s so many ME’s and many more coming each day. That’s looking less likely. I still feel it’s spiritual in some way.
    I feel like I’m on a mission for truth. Or knowledge. Which makes no sense in a world where u die and that’s it. How would knowledge be wealthier than gold if u can’t take it with u, or better yet, you don’t retain knowledge after u die. And reincarnated into a baby again. This world is definitely a virtual reality hologram thing. There’s a lot of reasons I feel this. You need to look into it if u don’t know. Because earth is and is not a ball or a flat plane. It is both and neither one. It’s a trap a trick a puzzle. I’ve looked into it. It appears to be both flat and spherical. In this new reality. When for years in the base reality it was a globe sphere shape. Now u can’t differentiate the two from each other.
    In conclusion our world appears to be a hologram. And the ME’s must be programmed in, in that setting. So I’m still thinking there’s a message in it. Just remember “ life was like a box of chocolates “ Past tense. And there I agree. If anything someone experiencing this might look into it and get exposed to a lot more subjects/ideas/conspiracies for their complete awakening.
    Mandela effect is the only conspiracy that I would 100 percent defend its validity. Oh and the footage of the moon landings we got to see. That and anything else MASA puts out is fake as fuk. But that don’t mean we don’t have a secret space program that went to the moon and we didn’t get to see the footage. But ME is 100 percent truly happening, and not until your heart is pure does God remove the strong delusion. And no sense trying to get a NPC to see your point. They do nothing but try to somehow explain it away as bad memories.
    I am definitely empathetic and believe this is spiritual. I believe in God. It’s hard not to, it’s always felt to me like God was something I was born with. It’s like you know there’s a God. I don’t consider myself Christian or catholic because I don’t go to church. I might be a little ADHD, great memory, graduated high school never having done a lick of homework. Back if the class kinda guy, drawing in the desk. And I’ve survived many instances where I could have easily died. Hit by a car at 5 yo, fell off a building 17’, been stabbed an inch from heart, survived cancer, struck with something called an AVM that left me paralyzed but got most back, not all tho.
    And that’s about it.
    Thanks for the videos and letting me ramble off what’s in my brain. Non of my friends or family wanna hear it.
    Thanks again

  7. I'm not really fitting the profile here at all. No matter if i'm pretty much vegan or junk food, i still have mandella effects and have since childhood. I don't have a great memory, it just coincidentally happens that the thing in question changes, shortly after I had done research on it. Also children have good memories and quite a bit of the events happened when I was younger. My life happened as such that I caused me to trust myself so I have no reason to think I'm wrong. De' sa vu… here and there. Ringing… sometimes but no wonder because of all the radiation and microwaves. I have dyscalculia. The only thing that could relate to this is being a free thinker, empathy, higher intelligence and that's it. That's my view.

  8. Agnostic. Empath after the Mandela effect. I have a eidetic memory. I have Aspergers. I have always distrusted authority. I was vegan til the mandela affect took full affect, now i just devour whatever food is in front of me, lol.

  9. I have an alternate memory, from a semi-dream-state, of my son not being around… then I heard, in my mind, that that was just a glimpse and that I had shifted, and that we can shift at will. I also see a lot of repeating numbers… on this particular day I saw 444411114444 , and to me, this represented birth of newly activated DNA. It was a strange experience, about 2 months before realizing the Mandela effect… July 2016

  10. Things i noticed. 1. I always hated cigarettes with a passion. In 2012 started smoking cigs. In 2011 started using opiates. Before that I was a bodybuilder worked out alot. Jist developed ocd last 5 years. Became homeless around 2012. Mom died 2012. Depression kicks on and off. Cant seem to fit in society. Constantly trying to get things together but feel like its pointless. I dont doubt myself at all but feel like life is pointless. I feel that life changes too fast and cant find anwers. Feel like everything that was fake is rel everything real is fake. People seem argumentative and annoying. Losst empathy. Feel lime in a fog. Trouble sleeping and trouble waking. I dont feel l am same species as other. Sou ds bad but idk anymore

  11. Erm Near death experience lets see 1999 and not just changing lyrics no no I remember Umbrella coming out in around 2001 and Kelly Rowland did it not Rihanna in 2007 I actually remember being annoyed at them covering the song with a crappy version with Rap interjections. Dead Beat Club by the B-52s was out in 1980 on Wild Planet and the cover art is different now, now the song came out in 1989 and isnt as good.

    We need to start mapping thing that are outright gone from or lives the more drastic the change the closer we can find a point of origin, a golden spiral if you will. I am beginning to think Observation and relativity are subject to some sort of group consensus and we may possibly have real time zones. One test I would like to try, ever wonder why polls say one thing but them people do the opposite, what if they are not and localized observation is not governed by regional opinions. What if from your location you SEE that people in Detroit feel one way and poll one way then they vote and act another way, maybe thats the physical action they took and the way they really feel and what you observed is your reality not theirs. I think the Earth is a far more crazy Quantum mess than people realize. Memories are power and capital if there is anyone or any music you want to preserve document it now before someone else decides they remember it differently, I believe we're in an arms race of sorts. We have already lost Jiffy.

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