Making a DIY Tomato Cage – Sturdy, Easy and Cheap // $10 Garden Series #5, Season 2

Making a DIY tomato cage is quick, easy and cheap. In this video, I’ll show you how! You can customize your DIY tomato cage to your garden space, and it is …


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Making a DIY Tomato Cage – Sturdy, Easy and Cheap // $10 Garden Series #5, Season 2

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  1. Great idea thanks! Btw, you'll have a much easier time cutting if you use fencing pliers… I got some at Tractor Supply for like $3!

  2. Wire fencing, cable ties, measuring tape, tin snips or fencing pliers and a 5th item- a T post (or rebar) to hold up the cage. Cable ties are not needed as when you cut the fencing you will have a 2 inch piece of wire that can easily bend around the other end of the fencing. You really do not need the measuring tape either as each opening is 2" wide. Every sixth opening is 1 foot. Making 10 you just count after the 30 hole. If making 12 then cut after the 25th hole. 50' of fencing makes 10 or 12 equal "tubes". You can make 7 by using 7 foot pieces and have 1 foot left over. A 7 foot cage is just over 2 1/4 foot across (27") which is pretty wide. 15" cages are not bad. But are a bit small but you can train the plants very well to cover the entire cage. If you have terracing like Kim you can use T-posts with twisted poly and zig zag the poly. Kim's watch and learn videos are excellent. Eye candy, fruits and veggies…Of course Kim explained why she cuts off the 2" pieces but those can be straightened each season for flat storage. The dollar store has tiny cable ties…

  3. Great tip about cutting away some bottom wire, to make mini stablization stakes. Let me also suggest, after making access hand holes, wrap some string, or bailing wire around the little wire nibs (left from cutting holes), then get some silicon and put a blob of it over these areas. You only need to catch one of the little barbs one time to make a nasty cut. Your garden will love the blood though…. 8• O

  4. So, at about 2:57, did she, you know, rip one? JK. Nice video and definitely a cheap way to make cages. 4 x 4 holes in cattle panels are even better for removing large tomatoes through the holes.

  5. Concrete reinforcing wire is sturdier, lasts many more seasons. Bit more expensive, and you should use bolt cutters on it and heavy gloves. Can’t recommend these cages enough..!

  6. Thanks for the great advice! I wondered, do you also grow berries or is it maybe too hot for that in California? I have two brambleberry plants and two raspberry plants in big pots and they grow so much that I don't know how to support them. :/ Especially the brambleberries are difficult with their big stems that grow sideways.

  7. Oops, didn't get that finished. Sorry! Anyways, when I try to grow tomatoes I might get quite a few of the grape tomatoes but my other types don't really seem to do very well. The leaves just start turning yellow n then burning on the ends. You know what I mean. They just turn brown. So I think I'm going to try a composting pile. I've already got a giant pile in the backyard that's just old leaves, n stick's, n old plants, n whatever else there is from cleaning up the yard. So I guess I kinda already got a composting pile sorta of going. It's really broken down all underneath it. I just need to take some of it to start a pile n then add other stuff to it. Maybe I'm watering the tomato plants too much as well. I keep them out in the sun. I've also got kinda the same problem with a hydrangea plant I've got planted in a big planter. The leaves alway's try to grow but when they do they just turn brown n fall off too. I'm sure it needs to be in better soil with some fertilizer added to it. Plus I really don't know just how much I should be watering it. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I'm planning on building me some beds to start growing some summer veg's. I need to get on it. Oh yea, I live in Florida if that helps out. Yes, it gets really hot n humid here. What do you use to mix together to make up your planters as far as soil n all. Do you have a separate video I could go n watch to see. Thanks Cali.

  8. Hey Cali, I would love some major help with tomatoes. Usually I just grow them in a bigger pot I transplanted them in. I'm sure I'm probably not using the best soil. But I'm also not an avid gardener. I have just this year decided that I really want to get into it a lot more. But I've also got a lot to learn that's why I've been watching a lot

  9. Very educational Kim, thanks. Can you (or anyone) share an idea on how to protect my plants from possums and squirrels? It seems that they will still be able to climb in through the top. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  10. CaliKim Seed Collections:         Support my channel when you
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    Let me know how your spring garden is coming along! Thanks for watching!

  11. 2 Questions please.

    1. How many cages do you get out of that size roll?
    2. Do you think a cage with your measurements would fit in a 20 gallon grow bag by any chance? Fingers crossed. I know i could probably trial and error but just wondering if youve been down this road 😂

  12. Hey Cali thanks for the wonderful tips and ideas.Have u made any videos regarding building a green house like one shown at the back in this video.

  13. I never expected my tomato plant to grow so fast, now is just laying on the floor, good advice on how to make a cage, on store they are overpriced at 15 to 25 each.

  14. Thanks for this video. Created my first cage today. I'll create two more in a "figure 8" formation using a standard T-post for support between the two. By using the cable ties mentioned in the video, it's easy to remove and replace as necessary.

  15. VERY Nice, would like to have seen how it turned out. Did you become uninterested? Move? Anyway so much for being nosey just like. your videos. Take Care 👌🏻👍

  16. Darn, darn, darn…Should have seen this a few months ago. My tomatoe plants are HUGE this year(have been putting chicken and horse manure and compost on veg garden for the last three years,) and the double post system with inter locking wires is too low already at 80cms… Next year I'll do this…thanks…rr

  17. Just wanted to say thank you for all the great content! I have some extra tomato and pepper seedlings that I plan to put in pots on my patio so I've been brushing up on container growing with your videos. Love the quality and videography that you and camera guy put into your videos. Thank you!!!

  18. I need some help! I have deer that come in the front lawn and eat all of the sweet potato greens. This has happened 5 times now. I have tried sprays and also a motion detecting sprinkler and nothing works. I cannot really build a dedicated fence because I share the property line with my neighbor. Do you think cages will help keep the deer from eating the greens?

  19. Kim do you use the rebar to support the cages? you didn't include it in the supply list for this video but you used it in the past. if you do use it, can I put 3 bamboo stakes in 3 different spots instead of the metal bar? I'm using grow bags for my tomatoes and I gave myself a budget this year so I'm hoping to not purchase anything else if I don't have to.

  20. This looks awesome; since I'm in a 3d floor apartment, I've got my peppers and tomatoes, etc staked with bamboo stakes. I have the container varieties so really hoping for good harvests starting around 2 1/2 to 3 months and beyond. I'm in Texas so we've got a longer potential growing season and i'm also doing companion planting (dill with the cucumber, basil and green onions with the tomatoes). Last year I made so many mistakes and my garden failed right off; and I wasn't going to plant one this year, but everything is growing so well that I'm really glad I changed my mind. I watch your videos more often than others, so a large part of my success so far is due to you 🙂 Thank you!

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