Love Addiction Comes from Attachment Injuries

Learn more about working together at I offer Attachment-Focused Relationship Coaching and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples …


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Love Addiction Comes from Attachment Injuries

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  1. To learn more about working together go to

    I offer Attachment-Focused Relationship Coaching and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples. I work with adult clients dealing with relationship challenges or failures, lack of purpose, emotional-developmental trauma, and loneliness. I help clients solve problems, feel feelings, and get unstuck. I work with clients both in the US and Canada via telephone and video-conferencing.

    There are other ways to get involved with my work:

    Join the community, Improve Your Relationships:

    Join a 5-Person, Video-Conferencing Better Relating Support Group:

    Join the secret Facebook group, The New Love Addiction, open to only 100 people:


    Alan Robarge
    Attachment-Focused Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

  2. I never felt any insecurity with my parents…only women who I date, because I have so much rejection…its unbearable…triggered today when I got rejected by the 5th women I really wanted to be with. its hell on earth for me.

  3. I'm not sure if others might have this question.. but as I watch your videos this comes up for me.. all those issues may be derived from initial attachment i.e. parents, where does the line get drawn in taking care of yourself, healing your self, and allowing your current new relationship to stay in place, in other words at what point do you determine that a partner is not the right partner.. and that it would not just be up to you to fix yourself.. when is a partner the wrong partner?

  4. Wow. Thank you. You've enlightened me regarding my love addiction. I've been looking for the face of a loving God in my relationships, but I keep picking abusive people, who seem loving in the beginning. Trying to identify the attachment trauma of my childhood, again, on a deeper level. I know my life and the mess of it all is my responsibility. I'm looking forward to your other videos. This was the first. Bless you.

  5. i am a love addict for sure. as a child, my mom was very smothering, there was absolutely no neglect, but the exact opposite. i think my issue comes from my father. i felt like nothing was ever good enough for him, i was always looking for validation from him… now as an adult, i seek validation in my intimate relationships..

  6. I am learning a lot . Very helpful . I send a request to join the Love Addiction group. Can you please add me to the group?

  7. Thank you. I've just restarted counseling for a number of traumas I have undergone from childhood through to adulthood. This is an element that I kind of knew was present in me but didn't have the terminology to articulate and explore it in more depth until about a week ago. I've been searching for something to help me navigate the difficult journey that is ahead of me. This seems like a hopeful avenue

  8. Thanks for this, Mr Robarge. I’m a substance abuser, have been since I was 13, currently stuck on opiates. I’m reading ‘Addiction As An Attachment Disorder’ and that’s kind of what lead me here. It’s interesting that attachment injuries could be responsible for all addictions, it’s often our downfall when we attempt to simplify addiction, but I’m finding this angle to be promising all the same.

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