32 thoughts on “LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau's COVID failures, lies a political epidemic

  1. The Sad Yet True Reality About Justin Trudeau. When dealing with Justin Trudeau you need to understand his limited intellectual capacity. It's very much like trying to reason with a spoiled 12-year old that wants their way despite how dumb that would be. He has little to no concept of right and wrong, the consequences of his actions, and what it means to be the Prime Minister of Canada. He thinks he has to pander to a group of out-of-country wannabe world rulers not understanding he means nothing to them once he's removed from the puppet position of Prime Minister.

  2. You know if all of you want someone else as PM…..then start getting his ass out of parliament.

    The next election just vote conservative they will be better for the country.

    Plus I think we should not give up on doug ford because he did not do this it was all Trudeau.

    WHY just look at face and how it looks very evil 😈.

    Vote conservative.

    Vote conservative.

    Vote Erin otoole conservative.

    Vote conservative

  3. Thanks for posting this information on the failures of our federal government. All I keep on hearing from Trudeau and his team is we are "on track" for getting vaccines. The USA is almost fully vaccinated and we are a country that is 10 times smaller than they are. And we need to wait 4 months to get a second shot. How is this "on track"?!

  4. Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians terribly on vaccines.
    This is just one more scandal on his part… putting all eggs in one basket (China) who couldn’t deliver and so he was too late to place orders! More and more Canadians are now contracting COVID and dying due to late vaccines or none at all. This has also caused variants to flourish! I don’t know how he even sleeps at night! (By the way… did we ever get our taxpayer money back from China on the undelivered vaccines)

  5. Jail time for Trudeau and his goon squad for lying to and defrauding Canadians. The fraudster and con man must face justice for the 24,106 deaths. He must face the families of those who died because of his criminal negligence.

  6. Trudeau and his band of self serving cohorts should be held complicit and thus responsible for the murder of more than 24,099 Canadians (April 28, 2021 and counting ) for their disastrous, incompetent and irresponsible handling of every aspect of the Chinese Communist Party attack on the people and economy of Canada with the Wuhan Virus..

  7. If you live in an urban area get out and protest! Get of the couch and join the protests for freedom. Shed of your Canadian Apathy . Writing silly things on Facebook, etc. will not change anything! Finger typing Protests are not enough anymore. Its gone way beyond that!

  8. He needs to be removed before destroying our people and country we need a leader who cares for its people. Shame on him for keep lying while we’re loosing neighbours and family members

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