30 thoughts on “Las Vegas Travel Tips – How to be a Winner in Las Vegas

  1. Good tips let me see 👀
    * Don't Touch Mini Bar 🙄
    * Hookup to safe Wi-Fi app
    * Tip everyone who gives great service👍
    * Book off peak times
    * Gamblers card
    * Bring warm clothing evenings👙
    * Don't Touch Mini Bar!!!🤣🍸🍹🍾

  2. Derrick, regarding tipping, what would you say is the right amount to tip waitstaff at a self-serve buffet? Also, what should one tip the meat carver and/or hibachi grill chef?

  3. Tipping is very essential in Vegas for sure, I always keep at least 100 dollars worth of 1's with me all the time just for tipping, I always make sure to tip my man Anthony the Maitre D at Bon Ami Gabi very well every year we come and we always get premium seating and usually a comped appetizer.

  4. Also it seems that most of the Vegas themed YouTube channels talk so much about the buffets but I personally would recommend to find a high-end restaurant which there are hundreds in Vegas. OK yes it’s gonna be more pricey but you are in Vegas and if anywhere in the world you’re going to splurge this is one of the best to do it. Vegas has some of the top chefs and restaurants in the world so do yourself a favor do some research find a chef that you’ve heard of and I have always wanted to try and put a few bucks aside and have the meal of your life.

  5. Definitely on board with the tipping. Dealers valet waitresses as you mentioned but make sure you also tip the cashiers if you won and you’re cashing out they don’t get a lot of tips so they always really really appreciate it also if you do get the housekeeping it’s always polite in my opinion to leave a few bucks for them.

  6. How to win? Dress up! Whatever that means to you, be it your best cowboy hat and boots, fanciest goth clothing or a nice suit. Dressing up is part of the fun. Don't look like a tourist. Dressing up is part of the fun and creates a fun mood.

  7. Hi Deric, We love your channel and plan our Vegas "buffets" religiously based on your videos. You've been branching out lately which is great, but we'd love to see more buffets. If its been a few months since you covered one you should cover it again! We watch the video up until you start eating. Sometimes the lighting on the food is way off and I'm sure its hard because of the lighting they use. anyway keep up the good work!

  8. There is no need to tip more in Las Vegas than anywhere else. Sure, tipping is courteous and makes you feel good but it ISN'T automatic. If your server/bartender/bellman is friendly and courteous, they get a nice tip. But if you are a dickhead bartender who ignores you for the most part until you need to beg for a drink – no tip. The same goes for hard-boiled sportsbook ticket writers who are always crabby and who NEVER offer you a drink ticket even when betting hundreds of dollars – no tip.

  9. 2 things I'd add as tips. It's going to take you much longer to get around the strip than you think and you're not going to see everything in one trip. The second, slow season while slower in traffic is still VERY busy. We went the week before Xmas a couple years ago and were shocked at the crowds. There may not be as long of a wait for attractions and restaurants, but it will still be pretty close to shoulder to shoulder walking on the strip in the evenings, if there's something you absolutely need to see do it during the daytime. We were shocked at how cold it would get in the evening. Bring a hat if travelling in the winter season, better to have it and not need it.

  10. Ride the free tram from Bellagio to Park MGM cross the street to Excalibur and ride the free tram to Mandalay Bay. MB's within walking distance of the new Raiders Stadium too.
    M Life/MGM Platinum Players card will get you free parking at any of their branded hotels!
    Another great video Derek!

  11. When to go to Vegas when rooms are cheaper… The week after holidays, end of February, July, Thanksgiving and most of the month of December. That is generally the cheapest across all hotels there, but most any week one can find a cheaper room somewhere. Also with tipping, since the hotels now charge so much extra for resort fees, parking and valet fees, and whatever else they can come up with, I tip the hotel staff less. The unions know the hotels are making $$$$$ off these fees, let them negotiate for the big raises. One other thing, for people who don't live in Vegas you can play games on line like MyVegas and Wynn slots. You can earn free rooms and other comps like free buffets. Since so many play the MyVegas app, wish you would do more MGM property buffets on a regular basis.

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