24 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kanye – Details Revealed!

  1. I think they had a good run. Both of them got wanted out of the marriage and now agree to part ways. Kanyé elevated Kim’s status and got her into the world of high fashion and she started to have other interests like Law and prison reform . I think they will both continue to live the life they choose. Both would have learnt something from each other.,

  2. Damn! It’s like all of the Kardashian sisters have bad luck in love

    Tristan cheats on Khloe twice
    Kourtney and Scott never had a chance
    Kylie and Tyga they just never stood a chance but she’s happy with Travis Scott
    Kendall’s linked to so many celebrities it’s basically a joke at this point
    It’s like Kris is the only one in the family who never had relationship problems on the show except for Bruce becoming Kaitlyn. And she’s currently happy with Corey Gamble

    I think it’s funny but also sad

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