JW's- More BAD News- WT Financial Document Links

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JW's- More BAD News- WT Financial Document Links

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  1. This mans lonnnng hippy hair tells me up front that he is in dope and other incoherent babbling that he spews.. Listen to these two liars if you want to be like them. Workers of Satan in person. Makes you sick.

  2. I just wanted a better life for myself and my children. All of this information is overwhelming. To know what is really going on is mind boggling. Thankyou for all of this information.

  3. This video is deeply concerning because normal what seem to be normal Christian organisations and businesses would never donate to the Jehovah's Witnesses, yet this is definite evidence that some are doing so. I have sent multiple emails through the info on citizenaudit.org and am extremely interested in receiving the reply's. Staggering information something isn't adding up in these financial exchanges. Thank you. eg…
    To whom it may concern,
    Given the enormous corporate value of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society and cult status as a religious organisation. I along with my Christian associates are deeply concerned and wonder if you could help us understand why you have donated money to the Watchtower Corporation and cult?
    Look forward to your reply.
    Dr. Jason W. Morrison

  4. Don't give those troll nothing no video no letter no info let them do the work you did to get info they don't have the luxury of getting info from you all easy Kim l was physical abuse also slap kicked down stairs beat with hanger punch with fist like a man still love men anyway. There was a hold in the wall because my father knock my head into the wall at 16 because I cuss them because my step mother was telling people in the hall l have a mental illness but they the cause of any mental issue the organization that my reason l left JW and got help later because thanks to my step mom taking me to a therapist . remember the red young people book that book started the pedifile mind set if you read it back then not even knowing because I didn't know it but I do remember my dad felt uncomfortable studying with me in that book he said would you just study it your self l k nerver did until I got a copy back in2014 I saw that book had sexual thought base that was discusing l throw it out Revelationbookprove them Babalon The Great JW proclaimer book prove Mason back ground so don't stop we need you l know you are telling the truth you make me feel proud to fight to. Hey Eygpt make the Isrealite make bricks and morter like JW GB tell them to build there kingdom Hall and assembly hall then Pharaoh said they can't go worship their God like GB you can't worship the God you want to like the Trinty, Source, Christ Conscienceness . The mind games in the pictures is so true Keep up the good work 👌 read Revelations their will be full of demon activity and they won't be able to escape so get out now.

  5. Oh my! Another one? Really? Lets talk about something else. Please!!! Again do you two ever watch the news??? You sure do keep up with the JWs!! All the storms, Fires. shootings , And children going hungry in this world and you guys talk about a few JWs? come on, We hate that you two got kicked out Of JWs but you got to get over it! Dont let them get to you like this! Thats what they want!! They see all the videos and laugh at you guys! They have kicked out thousands, Most of us got over it, You guys can not! Be strong! Grow up………Get over it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Move on>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. Maybe the reason they've had to do away with all the prior literature is because it doesn't stand up against the bible scholar who knows the original language. How does a JW pass off the different meaning to a word or phrase when it is definately not true when compared to the actual language of the greek or hebrew. SO I'm expecting any believer to hold to God's Word, and not a sacred cow doctrine which is really an enthroned idol. Anything that changes the Word of God, distorts the image of God, and that person or people will be exposed.

  7. The subliminal images are bollocks I admit there's a lot wrong with watchtower ,but you can see things in cloud formation in tea leaves in anything when I was young I had a walnut wardrobe that used to scare me to death because I could see demons in the pattern of the grain so yes ,clutching at straws on any little failure ,I've looked at them all and can see nothing that really stands out convincingly,this whole subliminal images is shite

  8. The GB stress obedience to elders not obedience to Jesus or your conscience. It disturbed me when I was an elder as I was aware of what scumbags many elders were and could be!

  9. Great info ! Thank you for sharing more bad news about the watchtower. Are there any activists in the Houston area because there are plenty of jws enticing people in public to their organization.

  10. I think EXJWS know a mile away when a jw is SLANDERING you…I tell them that they have a place to go if they wish to leave the JWS….There is life after jws….

  11. Some countries automatically double a sentence for victims under 12 years old for serious crimes. Murder and Rape usually results in multiple life sentences, often without parole if found guilty.

  12. Kim Mikey…Thanx for this…GB so greedy…where ever there is a coin..They'll snatch it …sad…You two are such an awesome couple…Happy Anniversary…Glad Mikey sticks up for you kim…Good men are hard to come by…glad you have one! 👍😊

  13. Do the math. Australia had over 70,000 JWs and 41 of those claimed they were sexually abused as children. The math shows that this would mean one predator per 1,707 members of Jehovah Witnesses over a sixty year period of time. However, it's likely that one sex predator was probably responsible for molesting several children, as was the case with Catholic priests who molested dozens of children while moving from parish to parish. If this is the case, then that number would mean only 3 or 4 sex predators in the Australian JWs in 60 years. The Catholic church would be envious! The numbers of children being molested and raped in public schools and the Catholic church far outnumber those in the JW organization. So while any child molestation is horrendous, we should be focusing our efforts on cleaning up the worst offenders in the public schools and the Catholic church. Reference: "Review of Cart Chat with Jehovah Witnesses" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMasI4pApTc

  14. ❤️💙💚💛💝💕And of course everybody applauding you would be the ones that left Jehovah but even the people in the watch tower the 18-year-olds that maybe their parents force them to go to Bethel they maybe a little vindictive and put a little something in there That can downgrade Jehovah Organization yes like putting a (black)you know what In the book If you haven’t noticed that is childish That is something a young one who hates the organization or is forced to be in it by their parents would do because an adult with common sense who loves Jehovah won’t do that they can hate the witnesses too Because parents can force their children but Jehovah won’t force you to be a witness And in his society he wants free will again we will be robots if he didn’t want free will You guys forget he is a God with power and can make change any minute but he wants good and free will Not like Scientology or David Manasavage who will hunt you down and kill you maybe cripple you so you never speak again that won’t definitely happen in Jehovah‘s Realm so do your research he is Jesus‘s father have a little sympathy in that you wouldn’t like nobody talking bad about your parents again it’s a commonsense factor he who doesn’t possess it well we are living in an imperfect world so we can’t blame them neither but God loves everybody including use it’s never too late to change again people do your research look up Jehovah‘s name start with that it’s the easiest thing to fine even Google knows it and the king James version That’s known all throughout this earth and his name is in there so people don’t sell yourself short anybody downgrading anybody even the person right next to them shouldn’t do that because Jesus came to love not to hate or put down❤️💚💙💛💜💝💕

  15. ❤️💚💙💛💜💝💕You guys are not doing anything different than what anybody on this earth would do who does not love Jesus Because everybody who doesn’t love Jesus puts everybody down they don’t look at Jesus as a sign of love But mockery he says to love one another and forgive freely to everybody so that would include the elders and the witness cause they’re not perfect people if not they would be living in the perfect world already so because they’re not perfect and you hear all this mishaps about them it’s the same way you hear it from all the churches on this earth but the one thing they do…do is bear Jehovah‘s name God Almighty the one that even google will tell you in Psalms 83:18 Who is the god of this earth so people go with the common sense factors because abuse is everywhere on this earth sexual, physical, and mental, Especially in the churches where you have priest pastors and fathers molesting children so that’s no different but God Jehovah God who gave his son to die for us in John 3:16 it says for (He)remember (He) love the world so much he gave his only begotten son to die for us so you’re not downgrading the witnesses you’re not downgrading the elders they don’t care they do their job whether good or bad they are imPerfect people and because they are part of the earth like we are a lot of them may even have Mental difficulties of their own so we don’t know on this earth who is good or bad the sad thing about us is that we eat out and we let strangers make our food strangers we don’t know and don’t trust but we put a trust that they would make our food properly without spitting in it And you hear all the time restaurants serving rats and bad things about restaurants but we still go to eat their food it’s a luxury to us but let’s not forget that’s another commonsense factor that we don’t think about…but yet we are dwelling on what Jesus says not to do so if we can trust strangers then we should trust the name that belongs to this whole earth and that’s Jehovah Because you’re downgrading Jahovah him self his name that’s sacred And every time you say Jehovah’s Witnesses you use his name so be wise because Jesus didn’t come to talk bad about anybody or any religion or Even his father he came to make his fathers name known so that everybody could trust in him and his fatherJesus came to die for us so even if you only love Jesus I don’t think he would even be approving of what your doing And saying about his father and I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness but I know they are commonsense factors in there and if you go by Google like the earth does even Google will tell you gods name is Jehovah look it up in the king James version even its known in that Bible so here are some scriptures from Google showing us the king James version and Where to find gods name so people do your research nobodies perfect Jehovah even brings out the bad in his congregation so everybody could see they’re not perfect but for those who try he gives credit so if they were perfect they would be Living in a glass house Surrounding all of them And they would be untouchable even by the law and they’re not. So you’re not stuck to the congregation The same way God gave us free will to think on our own because if not we would be robots he gives us free will to come and go and to choose our path and to love who we want hoping it’ll be him it’s not like escaping polygamy that is a cult Because they will hunt you down and kill you but Jehovah just send the elders to those who may want to change and come back but not to do damage As far as search for you and kill you That’s the difference between a cult so try to see that factor it’s common sense so check out the Scriptures look it up do your research they’re the only ones on this earth calling God by his name Especially knowing that there’s a scripture that says he who calls upon my name will be saved Romans 10:13 they took it out and put lord But Lord is not a name Lord is a title God is a title teacher fireman and policeman it’s not a personal name because it’s not their name Jehovah says He who calls upon my name and all the witnesses did was put Jehovah’s name back in the Bible because it was mentioned 7000 times where even the King James version knew the right thing to do and put it in their Bible also (Jehovah) So here are some scriptures that google gave me Google:Image result for where does it say Jehovah’s name in the King James version
    In the Bishop’s Bible (1568), the word Jehovah occurs in Exodus 6:3 and Psalm 83:18. The Authorized King James Version (1611) renders Jehovah in Exodus 6:3, Psalm 83:18, Isaiah 12:2, Isaiah 26:4, and three times in compound place names at Genesis 22:14, Exodus 17:15 and Judges 6:24.❤️💚💙💛💜💝💕It’s never too late to change Love is everything if the world loved like the way Jehovah and Jesus loves us and gives us we’d all be living in a perfect world so continue to love not put down Jesus sets the example who is big enough to follow him❤️💚💙💛💜💝💕💕

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