Jumaane Williams Calls Out Cuomo; Speaks On Fighting For Immigration Rights + Court Case

New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams sits down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss some of the biggest issues in the city going into election season.


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Jumaane Williams Calls Out Cuomo; Speaks On Fighting For Immigration Rights + Court Case

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  1. This punk ass is now demanding that NY’s Lieutenant Governor stop calling for his financial transparency and stop publicly demanding the release of his tax returns. I seriously think this fool is too stupid to realize the irony of his demands, given that he and others were literally jumping all over Trump on the SAME FREAKING ISSUE. What a HYPOCRITE.

  2. My cousin has Tourette syndrome. Just like this man. He doesn't call out swear words or anything just his body jumps and his eyes close. It's really sad and I feel for everyone who suffers from it. Now that were older it really affects his life he can't drive a car and he can't work most jobs that requires operating machines. God bless this man for doing what he's doing. It shows you can do anything no matter the odds. I'm here for this

  3. These Democrats care more for illegal aliens then they do for blacks. Also, once the borders are abolished like ICE is soon to be, blacks will move to the bottom of the totem pole. The Civil Rights Act of 64' has already been amended for gays.

  4. Isn't it interesting that he never answered the question "What IS a Democrat Socialist?" Because he knows what the next question is… How do you pay for all things, (we all) want? How?

  5. Our communities are in the TOILET by the CHOICES that WE make. But this one here ignores that, blames the white man, and wants more illegals here. SMH. I will never be a republican but I'm out of the plantation.

  6. Another "politician". Im sure ppl know by now that politics is the devil. No matter who you put in office the system will still remain the system. Interviewing these ppl can be very information BUT if they are spewing the same rhetoric it always will become questionable. They all will say what you wanna hear to get a foot in the door but what happens after that?? Nothing…happens.

  7. I just got to say that Ebro is 100% correct. Democrats have always been about the short-term solution without a proper funding scheme to follow. They promised the world yet have no idea how to pay for it or how to get corporations to participate. Meanwhile Republicans have support of major corporations, the stock market, and have shown, even in this Administration, willingness to fund what they have promised without putting a heavy burden on taxpayers. This has been happening and will continue to happen unless we hold candidates and elected officials responsible for what they say. Universal healthcare, free education, and everything else is great but when you realize it's going to bankrupt the country or put a heavier burden on the taxpayer that's when everyone has a problem.

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