Joe Biden leads 2020 Democratic field in new Iowa poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden is topping the 2020 Democratic presidential field in Iowa, according to a new Monmouth University poll released Thursday.


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Joe Biden leads 2020 Democratic field in new Iowa poll

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  1. I wouldn't run either if I was Biden… He does nothing and his poll numbers are high – what does he need to change!? Just wait until the last minute and then announce – press is alread doing all the heavy lifting for him

  2. Biden has no chance as the Democrat nominee.

    He is the wrong color and the wrong gender to command the necessary unquestioning, blind, mindless loyalty that will be required.

    He can't run on the accomplishments of the Obama years because there weren't any good accomplishments.

    Please Democrats… run Creepy Joe Biden…. Pleeeeeze !!!

  3. Pete would destroy Trump on the debate stage. They would speak on different languages, The difference on the way they speak to people speaks volumes by itself.

  4. Lets talk about the latest Emerson national poll

    Nomination for President [4/11/19 to 4/14/19]
    Bernie Sanders 29%
    Joe Biden 24%
    Pete Buttigieg 9%
    Beto O’Rourke 8%
    Kamala Harris 8%
    Elizabeth Warren 7%
    Julian Castro 3%
    Andrew Yang 3%
    Cory Booker 2%

    The Director of Emerson Polling, Spencer Kimball, noted in the news release that “Biden has seen his support drop. In February, he led Sanders 27% to 17%, and in March the two were tied at 26%. Now, Sanders has a 5 point lead, 29% to 24%.”

    You think they will say Bernie is the front runner now?

  5. Are the people of Iowa really stupid enough to want this old drug warrior (think mass incarceration of peaceful cannabis users) to be president? I don't think so. The poll is almost certainly skewed!

  6. An old white privileged male groper , hair sniffer and creepy child hugger. Never accomplished a single thing in his long white privileged life. Never created a single job.

  7. No he isn't. The DNC just wants Biden to be the electee, and therefore wants everyone to think he is the most popular. The manipulation against Bernie has already begun. They will do exactly what they did with Hillary, this time it's Biden. All Independants need to register as Dems this time so they can't stop us from voting.

  8. First off anyone who votes for Demoncrap has some serious mental issues and should quit fighting mental health. May as well mix your toothpaste with your shampoo cause your getting a cavity in your brain. 2nd anyone who vots for Creepy Joe is realy sick unless you like a man who fondles children ! TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2020 ! ! !

  9. Biden leading the polls is not the story here. A Midwestern Mayor who just got on the national scene has jumped to third place. That’s the story.

  10. CBS you are wrong to disable comments on the scandal…what this man did was crusade about inappropriate behavior against women and children for the rest of society and doing the very same inappropriate behavior himself and justifying it…the creepiest thing a man can do is sniff a woman or child's hair,rub up against them,kiss them repeatedly while rubbing his hands all over them….there is video after video of the children alone pulling away from him….what does that tell you?…even their uncomfortable with,what he's calling,his own personal human connection…..and because he's crusading how such behavior is inappropriate for everyone but himself…should be a red flag to the nation how arrogant he considers himself cause that's what peadophiles conquer…trust, arrogance and justifying it as harmless, affectionate behavior…. acceptable behavior in his position would be to stand on stage,near women and children,keeping his distance and keeping his nose,lips and hands to himself!!! Prove me wrong🤔 everyone of those little girls and the teen girls that were pulling away from him as he continued to pull them back in should've had America in an outrage the moment it was happening but what did you all do??? You laughed!!!! The little girl in the maroon sweater….started pulling away as his hand rested right in front of her breast….are you people so blind???? Why do you think the world is infested with peadophiles and sex offender's….one you don't take them serious…two the government and lawmaker's still refuse to punish them properly…their treated like petty criminal's with victim's in every 3 Rd home…their all about power,controlling Hollywood and politics…..They must be stopped! I'd sell my soul to Satan himself to have the power to castrate every last sex offender's on earth,and put their supporter's and protecters in prison for life…..because the rest of you enable the sick fks!!!!😠😈

  11. Just shows how evil and disgusting Democrats have become if they really want creepy Joe to be their nominee. Hopefully he is then America can watch how tough he thinks he is in the first debate vs President Trump who'll absolutely and totally crush him in the biggest landslide victory ever.

  12. Looks like Iowa Dems dont care about a pedophile as President. Does anyone pay attention? Just look up creepy Joe Biden on Youtube and its not just grown women its little boys and girls too.

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