Jill Stein Interview With TYT Politics

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( spoke with presidential candidate and presumptive Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein (


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Jill Stein Interview With TYT Politics

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  1. I'm a solid Johnson supporter. He was my governor and I thought nothing could sway my vote… but Jill is getting close! I am especially impressed here with the broad insight that ties together so many various issues.

  2. Bush charged us 6 trillion for Cheney to play in the sandbox. Republicans, learn your lesson! Believe me as a long time Democrat I have been watching closely, and I will not vote for another warmonger like Shrub or Hillary. We're in this together, but the two big parties are traitors.

  3. tyt should do a live debate with jill and gary johnson while Hillary and trump are debating on a big screen and let them answer the same questions a sort of virtual debate

  4. we still need to get mercury out of vaccines it was done before so we can do it again and it is proven by poland that autism is mercury poisoning

    thx for this ha bisky interview

  5. The lowering birth rate is not a catastrophe. It's not a human rights violation. It's probably the best thing for this planet. Shouldn't she be the one applauding that? Why is a ever increasing population inherently a good thing? Why should we want more people to be born on a planet with fewer and fewer resources?

  6. I do not have access to any legit polling numbers. However, I have heard rumors that Stein is polling above Clinton on some non-public, inside political machinery, type polls. If you limit to people who have heard Jill speak, I can believe it. Clinton is from that Dan Rather / Moon Landing / old school version of media-politics. With Obama currently in office, and Trump on the campaign trail, I do not see how there is any support for that anachronistic blip version of politics, that really only lasted for 30 or 40 years in the history of mankind. It's done. Monolithic media had only a brief run, and HRC's act does not play without a monolithic media enforcing it.

    This is all just my opinion. Really it's not an opinion. It's more like my attempt to reverse engineer what I'm seeing at the surface. It's my thing. Whether it is mechanics, computer programming, economics or psychology, my mind is always churning on the designs and pathways and triggers that produce the results. Everyone's subconscious/screensaver mind goes somewhere. That's where mind goes.

  7. Jill Stein is the ONLY candidate running now that is honest and makes sense. If you are planning to vote for someone besides her, you really need to wake up, get your head examined or something. Because any sane clear thinking person will immediately know that they must vote for her in this election.

  8. Interesting… thinking about the issues and listening to Jill. Issue #1: What would happen if my kids were released from there collage debt sooner than later? They would buy a condo… perhaps stimulating the economy with a building boom. Is it not a new deal?

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