Israelis Head To The Polls With A Choice: Right Or Righter (HBO)

Eyal Hajbi has been on high alert since a rocket launched from Gaza landed near Tel Aviv two weeks ago. As the official responsible for the security of the …


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Israelis Head To The Polls With A Choice: Right Or Righter (HBO)

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  1. Another great Vice video. You should have named this one " We The Left Are Losing Israel". A dictionary definition of biased reporting, my goodness!

  2. Hi vice, I actually am Jewish and have been following the Israeli elections. Your video is grossly misinformed. Blue and white present themselves as centre left, advocate for loss of Israeli territory, want a mixed congregation at the kotel and have multiple other left leaning policies that I don't care to mention.

  3. It's really a western obsession this idea of everything being left wing.
    And it's a mindset of the weak. Lefty scenarios always seem to involve the strong submitting to the weak.

  4. I am an Israeli dude and in the vid Beni gan's killed terrorist not palastinians it's one of the mistake this video is suffering.

  5. "Isreali is filled with rightwing radicals, is an apartheid state and wants to keep it that way"
    WOW, who could have foreseen this?!?!

  6. I'm sorry, but you did not represent the whole political spectrum in this video. You have taken things out of context and you have not represented the rights point of view in your report. What's funny is Ehud Barak saying that "the people are wrong" so if I may ask, where is the democracy exactly in this sentence. Why are you attacking the people? The people have made their decision, they have voted and yet again it seems the Netanyahu will lead the country. Does the world have a problem with our democratic elections? Does it have a problem with our point of view? Sounds interesting….

  7. How oppressed, they can meet at political rallies without secret police braking down their doors, what about people who appose hammas the other side of the border? Usually beheaded for apposimg hammas, just a thought….

  8. Problem with western media is they see the rest of the world through a self righteous and patronizing view point, without understanding the ground realities.They fail to realize that though Principles of enlightnment are admired by a majority of the world's masses,political realities make it hard to hold on to them. Elements within the United States or any of the western nations that advocate for the boycott of Israel, dont know what it is to face the threat of absolute destruction resulting from inaction and complacency.So it would be best to keep the moral outrage ever present in the left in check.Whole lot of muslims are already crying wolf over islamaphobia when there collective existence is a threat to any state where they form a formidable voting block.On the whole a separate state for palestinians is the better alternative for israel lest it turn into india and to clarify I am an Indian.atleast an Israel free of muslims will relieve some of the internal pressure.

  9. Israelis so right wing, they know Israel is the only place where jewish people will always have a home, will feel welcome, have their own culture, if only europeans could open their eyes and follow suit as islam and Africa are flowing in with no resistance.

  10. Laim work of press, presenting communist anti Israeli party as legitimate, but a prime minister with alot of achievements with some suspicions as not ok even if he was elected democratically by the people

  11. We strived for peace for years, tried everything, offered everything and they always denied those offers.
    So who’s fault is it? And who is actually peaceful?
    The Palestinians have to accept that they lost this war, when it’ll happen there could finally be peace

  12. that was a very left biased segment. you made it seem like israeli parties who are not willing to form a coallition with arab parties are racist, while the facts are that these arab parties do not condemn terror attacks against innocent israelis, and basically represnt the interests of palestinians rather than hard working arab-israelis, who happen to be their voters. would you have supported a party that supports the killing of innocent man and women in the streets of Manhattan?

  13. Israel is not the problem, the Arabs hate Israel and want it destroyed, they will not negotiate and they have rejected 3 deals and they did it violently.

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