Is Politics Becoming the New Religion?

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Is Politics Becoming the New Religion?

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  1. Trumpism and its politics is as close to a religion as I've seen in my lifetime. The members routinely hold services commonly known as Trump rallies. Trump literally defines their reality, or what Conherway called "alternative facts."

  2. I think what he was trying to ask: "Are politics replacing religion as the leading dogmatic system of Americans?"
    And yes, Americans are very culty and borderline fanatacal about political figures and labels. They will sacrifice all values and reason in order support their politician or label.

  3. Well, politics is becoming increasingly similar to religion in the sense that politicians are lying more often and making far more claims for which they have no evidence, and increasing numbers of voters are choosing to believe preposterous nonsense and false claims for which there is no evidence. Religion is literally the training ground where people are learn to believe in things for which there is no evidence, and where they are told that it is not only acceptable, but admirable, behavior. And, many wise people have warned that teaching children to accept things on faith is very dangerous and harmful to their intellectual development….we are now seeing how correct they were with the brain-dead supporters of Trump deciding to accept everything he says without asking questions, without a speck of healthy skepticism, and by even defending his contradictions and blatant lies.

  4. Maybe in your country. Over here religion is nothing but some cool buildings from times when people didn´t know better. Religious people today are nothing more but crazy morons and we don´t have many of those.

  5. Good segment – I have just linked it into some discussion where someone was arguing a position that secularism has killed far more people throughout the ages than religion (and it was in a larger context when it was argued that science without religion is bound to produce immoral atrocities.)

  6. David,

    I watched this vid a few hours ago and the ideas you expressed have been bothering me since then. I feel the need to articulate a different point of view than those expressed by you and Pat and most of the commenters here.

    It seems to me that few of you realize that faith isn’t actually about believing, in the literal sense, that God created the world in six days or that Moses parted the Red Sea or that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Even before one examines the question of whether those stories are true, one must first figure out whether those tales are important, or even relevant to the matter of faith.

    They’re actually not important at all.

    What is important, and what draws me to the practice religion is a different kind of faith entirely. Questions of faith that actually matter are: “Do I believe that I’m responsible for other people’s happiness and well being or am I living for myself alone?”; “Should I love my enemies or look to retaliate when I am wronged?”; “Is it important for me to go out of my way to assist the marginalized, the poor, the disabled, the immigrant, the sick, the imprisoned, victims of crime, victims of government injustice, the very young, the very old?”; “Should I wallow in resentment and regret or should I search out reasons to be grateful?”; “What is more important, money or people?”

    I could certainly go on, but there’s no need. I’m sure I’ve made you see what I mean when I talk about faith and religion. What counts is what you believe about the things I just mentioned. What you believe about the causes of phenomenon that science has yet to determine is virtually inconsequential when compared to what you believe about the purpose of your life and the correct way for you to behave.

    The way to figure out what someone believes about these matters is to observe how he behaves. Religion isn’t a matter of praying and reading the Bible. Ironically, if you read the Bible you will learn that praying or reading the Bible is nothing at all compared to what you do and what you believe about the things that really matter.

  7. The problem with fundamentalist religions, is that they are dogmatic and tribal, and apply their uncompromising values with sociopathic vigour. If a political viewpoint is applied to life in the same uncompromising way, then it has become no better than a fundamentalist religion.

  8. Politics are far more important than religion. Trumpism is definitely a political religion though because it lives in its own fantasy world with ever expanding lore like pizzagate and QAnon.

  9. Religion is not just about what god(s) and supernatural stuff you believe in. There's a lot of baggage like history, legends, laws and moral codes and ethics. Religion is in many aspects a way of life centered around the supernatural entities adherents believe in. When atheists think of atheism they simply mean that they don't believe that god exists. When christians think of atheism they often assume that you don't affirm morals and ethics associated with religion.

  10. Religion is spiritual government or theocracy, based on the laws of creation science fiction made by a god’s self proclaimed lawyers, called prophets. God is normally the historical accounts of an ancient warrior hero that gained too much power, and ordained himself god, such as Egyptian pharos, or Kim jung un, like those who worship Trump are trying to do. The laws of physics is real Science that shows Cosmic Evolution and how life evolved, and shows how our true creator no longer exists. History shows that false god worshipping leads to wars, de evolution and mass extinctions. Take Trump for example. Many of his followers want a war to cause mass extinction of the other different false god worshippers because they don’t worship Trump or his laws. Us atheists have to stay safe and out of their way to endure their insanity. Theology and mythology are the same thing.

  11. Religion is the context in which you put your life = How you have been socialized. This context tells you what is right and
    wrong (for you). Some are being taught they have the right to kill/harm other people (survival of the strongest),
    some are being taught they have a duty to care for others (Jesus). We dont know "Gods" will, but we do have a lot
    of knowledge as to what makes a society good/bad (politics).

  12. I think that the "politics is the new religion" thing is more about how tabu it was to talk about religion to other people and that now that religion is loosing ground as well as the fact that politics is more polarized politics is taking a similar role in terms of identity, not in terms of how unchanging the beliefs maybe, if that makes sense.

  13. Actually you do have to replace religion with something else, because you have to take so many things on faith, because it is impossible to even the smartest person to know everything. If you want to call this belief in things you don't actually know for religion or ideology, things that you have to have an opinion on in order to survive in this day and age, is a matter of choice of words. I will claim that the Big Bang theory is an article of faith, even if it is the best explanation we have so far about the origin of the universe, it still leaves a lot to be explained. In the realm of politics, trickle-down economics is another such article of faith, that explains a lot, but not all, and it surely isn't the best explanation we have.

    The whole thing boils down to what we mean with the term "best explanation". To me the best explanation is an explanation that not only take the needs of ordinary people into account, but points to enhancing ordinary peoples welfare. This may be an article of faith, because there really are no objective reasons for letting my personal welfare play any role in politics, only subjective ideological reasons. From a globalist environmentalist standpoint it would actually be better if a few billion people died, so the fact tat I don't want this to happen is based on my humanist ideology. Ideology or religion, you can call it whatever you want. But I am a humanist because I want to believe in humanity, against all evidence that humanity is not to be trusted.

  14. Politics is becoming like religion in that many people don't put enough thought towards it, they just blindly follow what their parents did & what their parents did before them. you're a Catholic because your parents & grandparents were; you're a Republican because your parents & grandparents were. think for yourself!

  15. A decline in institutionalised religion does not correlate to a reduction in superstition. Alternative medicine, star signs and "spirituality" have seen a great increase in popularity. People just aren't willing to accept that humanity is responsible for itself. Most people are smart enough to dream, but not enough question.

    Politics can be a religion in this way, but I'd hesitate to call any particular ideology or political party a religion. People dig their heels in what they believe in, spirually or materially. I also dont think this is new in any way

  16. Politics and religion are subsets of ideology. You have a set core of beliefs falling under a group label that individuals subscribe to in order to feel comfort, community, identity and strength in an uncertain existence. While religion focuses on the afterlife, politics focuses on life itself. Both have their fanatics, their charlatans and demagogues, their provocateurs and prevaricators, their insights and blind spots, their shifts and movements. Both are as harmless and as dangerous as the people who use them.

  17. RELIGION IS A BELIEF ABOUT GOD ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR POLITICS OR SCIENCE TO BE A RELIGION are there religious morons that are politicians absolutely but its not a religion in itself

    sam harris cult based upon no religion is a religion because its impossible to have no religion because everybody has a belief about god

  18. Politics have not only become a religion for some it has reached cult level. Facts do not matter anymore. Truth does not matter anymore. Even when they learn the truth they keep supporting people how cut them down.

  19. Science also deliberately sets out to prove itself wrong, for the sake of making sure it's claims or theories are as accurate as possible. Can you imagine religion attempting something similar? What might that look like? Cardinal sets out to disprove existence of God by taunting him thru the burning of bibles while simultaneously chanting his denial of his "maker"…noting that surely if the Lord exists, he will strike me down for these atrocities… What a sight that would be to see.

  20. Why has Micheal from the seder show chosen to publicly take a hypothetical made by Sam Harris, completely out of context to push a narrative of religiou$ narcissism? He's trying to suggest that Harris was saying that Africa should be nuked or something like that, when Harris wasnt actually recommending that that be done at all.

    A caller the other day moreless was trying to ask something along those lines to Micheal, and Micheal made sure to cue some gameshow soundbaord clip in the background at that point, and this answer given to that last caller of the day was to buy Micheal's book, while creating a word salad that included him labelling those that dont agree with Micheal's narrative, to be labelled something he calls nu-atheist. What's a nu-atheist anyways? Someone of less complacency of what, an old atheist? What is up with that? David, it would be very interesting if you made sure to call in to the seder show, to discuss that sort of thing, at least from a sociology study perspective, if you don't mind risking being called a nu-atheist in a louder voice than your own.

    Is this thing on?

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