I'm 80% Covered In Birthmarks | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A YOUNG WOMAN was born with a nevus birthmark covering more than 80 percent of her skin. Beatriz Pugliese, 25, from São Paulo, Brazil, underwent over 30 …


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46 thoughts on “I'm 80% Covered In Birthmarks | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

  1. I see obvious beauty all over her body, I don't fixate on the spots. some people get a full-body tattoo, that I don't find pretty this girl here is a natural beauty from inside. If I were a man I could love her OK, all the best to her.

  2. i'm sad for her tattoos and birthmarks have the same effect on me i can't help it it's gross if you like it that's your business i would NOT !!!! try to tell you
    you have agree with my opinion nor would i let anyone persuade me to flip to there point of view EITHER beauty is different things to different people i hold my opinion
    on many subjects like SPORTS i know lots people love there sports i don't care what other people do for there fun it's not my fun the person who invades my space
    and tells me he wants to watch any sport on my tv is well on his way to his grave if your one of those who thinks sports is cool you don't want to know me I HATE SPORTS !!!!!

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