I See My Man As Sexy, Not Disabled | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: WHEN people see Luke and Rebecca together, many assume it’s a disabled man with his caregiver – when actually …


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49 thoughts on “I See My Man As Sexy, Not Disabled | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

  1. I love this channel because it shows in every video what love is and how unbiased it truly is. In this couple its the same love as any other couple would have. Just because the couple has different challenges doesnt mean its not love and as a disabled person myself I really appreciate seeing this and I think they are a sweet couple.

  2. As a disabled myself , I think people SHOULD ALWAY'S ask questions DIRECTLY to the disabled person and they themselves will answer if they can and NOT their CARER/ GIRLFRIEND/ BOYFRIEND ♿ posting from LONDON ENGLAND

  3. As long as they are both happy please let em be…..everyone deserves someone who loves them…disabled or not…..my name is Emma and I'm using my late mum's account and I was dating a really good guy but we became tooo toxic for each other and my bf left me for man…one of our best friends actually…..just find the happiness in your life

  4. Lol some say this is fake. The rest are rooting for them. The world is naturally a critic to things they don’t understand.

    But I’ll say this… worry about your love life and happiness rather than putting people down. Because it’s no wonder why YOU yourself fail in relationships due to your arrogance and outlook in life.

  5. I'm not convinced of this one. She seems to be rehearsing lines when he speaks or mouthing what he is suppose to say. I don't think they seem in love.

    There is another couple Tyler and Corinne and they seem genuine.

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