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  1. This is not new, Abraham had two wives, and Salomón 700 and God regulated the these type of relationships with wives and concubines Ex 21:10 but never agreed with it, then When Jesús came to earth He restored the original arrangment of His father the owner and creator of this institution who has the patente of merriage Génesis 1:27-38 Mark 10-6-9

  2. People sure have alot to say about this. Who cares?! And if u do why? I don't get it. And I've actually tried this throuple thing it wasn't for me. I clicked only cuz chacha looks really familiar to me…

  3. In many, many places it’s perfectly fine for a man to have more than one wife, polygamy and if they are happy then that is great, but when the woman(or even men in other relationships) choose to also be in love with each other then they are more harshly judged, seriously strange logic. It’s not a relationship I’d be in but it is beautiful nonetheless when you know that they are happy and following their heart. Sad how their own family cannot see that.

  4. Im living this life with 2 women..for 2 yrs now. In this wourld u need to be happy we all are happy …yes there are bumps in the road..who doesn't have issues.in life..all couples do. But we all have good jobs..we have the things we want too…and a few kids..there both called mom.and im the only dad..we live in fl…my 2 girls are 30.. and im 55. So if this couple is happy god bless remember those in biblical days had many wifes..

  5. So technically thats be bygamy if he married both of them, so where's the legality line? I'm super proud and all, just curious how it all works out for legal reasons. Freaking amazing the things people have space for in their hearts!! Love and positivity to you all!!!

  6. I fully support this loveislove there's nothing wrong with that and if his family doesn't want to come then that's their problem that's his life his choice . I don't care if you agree or disagree that's my personal opinion 🤞🏾💜💯

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