40 thoughts on “I Lost 230lbs After A Seizure Almost Killed Me | BRAND NEW ME

  1. There's something I don't understand. I have watched dozens of videos on YouTube about morbidly obese people. A common thread, a common story for many of them is — they never leave their house and all they do is eat all day.
    So the question is: If they're not leaving the house, (presumably) not working … how do they pay for the groceries and/or the roof over their head??
    Two things can make this possible — 1) they are wealthy and don't need to work; OR 2) they are (likely) being supported by a family member who shops for the groceries and pays the rent/mortgage.
    Whatever the story, I am happy to see them wake up finally to how they are slowly killing themselves with food and deciding to do something about it. Kudos for that!!

  2. Congratulations!! Well done! All the best for your skin removal surgery. So very sorry for your loss. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป I canโ€™t even imagine. Iโ€™m 45 and just the thought of losing my dad is too much. Iโ€™m sure heโ€™s so proud of you and relieved given how he passed.

  3. Wow…absolutely incredible transformation. We have a very similar story. My dad died when I was 19 of a massive heart attack. When I was 33 I weighed in at 330 pounds. I got out of breath one day walking up a flight of stairs and that was it for me. I have been able to keep off 125 pounds for 15 years now….in my head I am still that fat guy. Itโ€™s a weird feeling.

  4. Good on you bro…mad respect from ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ. As someone who lost their mum around the same age as you and turned 2 food for comfort I know how hard it was. Cheers for keeping me motivated and on track to reach my goals๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. I used to be really fat. Maybe not as fat as Andrew, but still I was on the verge of developing serious health conditions. I remember not being able to tie my shoelaces and my sleep suffered as well. My life changed when I finally set my mind to the thinking that anything is possible if you decide so. I took a meal plan to start with. I created it online, on Dietaruze, which was super helpful to me. I didn't have to worry about calories, macros, nutrients and all that stuff, I just focused on walking long distances and exercising after I got on a level where I could do some simple workouts. I hope my story will inspire you to do the same. To change your body you must first change your mind!

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