I Lost 135lbs – Now I'm Braving A Bikini | BRAND NEW ME

28-YEAR-OLD hairstylist Ali Bruch from Milwaukee has lost an incredible 135lbs without stepping foot into the gym. The mother of two was previously classed as …


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40 thoughts on “I Lost 135lbs – Now I'm Braving A Bikini | BRAND NEW ME

  1. I am amazed she had a tummy tuck but no scars seen wearing a bikini, even with the high rise cut on the upper thigh/hips area. That amazed me. (As well as all the weight she lost. That goes without saying. Fabulous!!!)

  2. I'm 240lbs, I'm usually around 180lbs which is still overweight but this is a whole new level and I was just diagnosed with diabetes so for the last month I've been changing my habits and I'm down 11lbs

  3. And then they'll drop dead from clogged arteries. There's no way beef is better for you than a tomato. The keto diet is still new I'm sure we'll hear soon how bad it is for your heart and arteries. So much fat can't be good period 😫

  4. You look amazing ❤Ive lost alot of weight i was 333 pounds i am 230 now i have plateaued i lost weight from just eating less calories now i need more out of it i want to really do something more exercise eating better i just do not know what im doing really

  5. Awesome story, and drives home the point that commitment to a proper diet is 80% of weight loss… HOWEVER, some sort of cardio activity is still super important to overall/cardiac health. Many of my patients are "slim unhealthy" and they are the hardest to covince that they are unhealthy. So even if not in a gym, cardio activity should be done some where. We have to get out of the mindset that skinny means healthy.. but this is still an amazing story.

  6. Looks really good..she's fortunate she only had loose skin on her stomach..I have it elsewhere but I'm older than her..I won't have surgery unless it's life or death…I had surgery and got a blood clot in my lungs and almost died so I now embrace my loose skin and love myself:)))..Jacobs Mama:))

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