I Grow Cannabis On Other People’s Land | Behind The Mask

In an undisclosed part of the UK, one guerrilla gardener is secretly growing weed on other people’s land. SUBSCRIBE to Truly: Click here to …


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43 thoughts on “I Grow Cannabis On Other People’s Land | Behind The Mask

  1. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is getting caught with it which fking sucks. what a world run we live in run by oppressive clowns. the system only serves as a terrorist organisation to make money on protecting old modesty rules & those Karens who like their liquor which kills millions. but friendly harmless weed is frowned upon. sad but true. if lucky to live in sunny Spain anyone 21 + can legally grow 3 plants which is the best solution ever made as no one can be a criminal when growing for personal use. crime is man made to make $$$$ and reap awards for those skummy doo gooders with their pride of lions attitude in suits who just like seeing people miserable rather than allowing personal freedom. its not crack meth or alcohol. this is a medical plant used thousands of years and harmless compared to legal pharma drugs which are toxic. But those skummy law controllers don't want to allow mature adults their rights. we are all spotty lazy tug teenagers who cause crime to them because we like cannabis. mental health issues EXCUSE. illegal = mental health issues. ( street weed ,no one can choose spice mixed in dirty weed contaminates) when teens get caught with weed most have no addictions but are made sign on addiction programs to use for false propaganda to keep weed illegal. this same system has being going on since 1930s from a bunch of racists. Hopefully one day our laws will apply as to Spain. allow adults to grow clean green safely.

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