I Got A Boudoir Shoot To Overcome My Chronic Pain


Check out the article here: Special thanks to Michael Sasser from Boudoir by …


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  1. So proud of Lara! So beautiful and that red was fire on you ! As a woman who suffers from chronic part partly due to gynecological issues I totally get it . You rock Lara 💕💕

  2. I am so happy and proud of you! Accepting who you are, body and all, is such a struggle for so many and that includes myself. Seeing things like this where you do things that empower yourself and make you feel special and sexy inspires me and so many others. You are so beautiful and I am so happy and excited for you and your new-found acceptance of yourself.

  3. you look so good, absolutely stunning girl!
    im sorry that you have to deal with chronic pain i hope you find something to help with it. good luck ♥️ you KILLED this shoot though!!

  4. Disclaimer: I am so proud of Laura for getting to this point in her story where she can truly feel sexy and the thoughts I'm about to express aren't in a negative thing towards her or this video but to try and find confidence with other viewers. Watching this I kept having that terrible thought in the back of my mind to fall into the dangerous and repetitive actions of bulimia. She is so thin and beautiful but that doesn't mean that those thoughts are valid and a real option and anyone else going through this know that you can get past those thoughts and that even if they seep into your mind they are just thoughts and we have to decide and make sure they don't become our actions. And thank you for letting me articulate these more positive and beneficial thoughts in a place I feel safe.

  5. Jesus she is so beautiful! And i´m not just talking about her body, she just seems so human and even though i dont have that kinda pain, I feel like most girls struggle with feeling sexy and like they cant look good and this is makes me relate and feel so happy for her ^^

  6. I love the fact she is speaking about the emotional/mental trauma you suffer from when living with a chronic illness. I have found that the majority of people don’t even realise your physical health greatly affects your mental health. I have actually had to educate almost all of my mates on this matter. For the past 5 and a half years, I have been living with extreme pain. I have a condition affecting the nerves in my abdomen. When it started, it would come and go but for the past 3 and a half years, I have been bed ridden because it has got so bad and I struggle a LOT with walking. Not even 100mg of morphine daily (as well as a long list of other medications) can control this pain. I have missed out on so much with my 4 kids because I am just not able. 😔 trying to deal with extreme pain daily is both exhausting as well as soul destroying. My depression is twice as bad as it was, I also suffer with horrible anxiety attacks and at times, I have become so tired of the constant pain that it has made me turn suicidal. I know I don’t actually wanna die. I just NEED this pain to stop!! 😭😭

  7. Hello fellow Endrometriosis sufferers! This tip might sound weird but seriously waaaay more effective than pain killers:
    Step 1: install an app diary of your period so you know exactly when itll arrive
    Step 2: make sure you masturbate the night before or as close as possible to the time youre expecting youre period no matter how not in the mood you are.
    I used to have excruciating period pain and although it still hurts its nothing compared to what it was before i started doing this trick.

  8. I love this idea. I also live in chronic pain, and completely understand the correlation between feeling like rubbish about yourself and being governed by pain. You looked absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate this video and would love to get something like this done!

  9. I wish I could be that thin with my chronic pain. It is hard for so many women with chronic pain to have a good relationship with their bodies half because their body hurts and half because it makes it harder to do the things like workout so we hate our bodies.

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