I Didn't Get Acne Until I Turned 21 | SHAKE MY BEAUTY


SUBSCRIBE to Truly: A YOUTUBER who has always been proud of her flawless skin woke up one day, just before her 21st birthday, and …


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  1. you won't believe this but i had acne this bad or worse and i just stopped washing my face bc i was overwashing and most of it its gone. maybe a pimple appears sometimes but nothing compared to how it was before. just stop using so much product and stuff on your face only makes it worse. your skin doesn't need anything extra to heal itself. just eat good and dont worry too much

  2. You truly are gorgeous. I'm a (secretly) extremely insecure person. Secretly bc I'm a Mother of four beautiful babies and I'm doing everything I can to make sure the mental health problems stop w them. Take care everyone. We are all beautiful and perfectly made

  3. I have acne for the longest time… i do wash my face i try this and that i cut down sugar .. but still my face is dull , acne scars , blackheads… i hate it.. never have the confident in my life to actually talk to people in the eye.. you dont know how much we desire healthy face .. and i do cry sometimes bcoz of my insecurities and at my age i see people hanging out with friends and having good times while i rather stay at home and mind my own things. Bcoz i dont like hot weather that can irritate my skin and i hate crowded. 😞😓

  4. Guys please listen to me. I had it really really bad I cut absolutely everything out of my skin care routine and strictly only washed my face with extra Virgin olive oil and it cleared up! Please give it a shot if you’re still struggling.

  5. I’ve got pretty bad acne (I don’t want to say really bad because people have worse acne so I don’t want to put down worse acne) and it’s just so awful. I think if I could change one thing about myself I would just get rid of all that acne. This video shows me that you can still be beautiful and can be confident with acne

  6. I recently saw a video from a guy who got rid of his cystic acne by cleaning his diet and reducing stress.. He realised that main triggers for him were dairy and gluten, after 2months..he got cleared. I'm all about loving yourself but it's also about your body telling you smt too rather than simply accepting it..sadly Western medicine loves diagnosing things and pills. Pls go find your triggers! 🙌😉💕

  7. I get deep painful cystic acne when I eat rice, bread, chocolate, fast foods, and drink soda. It's so hard to give up sugars and carbs because they're so addictive. Strict keto carnivore diet helps keep my hormones balance and clears up my skin. No medication. Just meat. Everytime I go back to eating bad, my skin breaks out again about a week or two later.

  8. Sis u can try traditional treatment like green tea mask.
    Bcoz i hve acne problems more worst than u, but almost 4 years i continuesly traditional i get from my kitchen like lemons, turmeric powder nd i wash my face use ST. Eves now my acne more better, than bfore i was go to clinic spend loth of money but seems my acnes more worst.
    But ur beautiful anyways 😊

  9. Using Tca no higher than 15 % no matter what internet says 1 or 2 layers first time up to 5 layesr as your skin gets used to it will help dry out acne greatly if u get cold sores go very lightly around lips and nose area cause it will trigger them or you can just avoid those areas altogether