How To Get Your Ex Back If You Have Children Together In 2 Thoughtful Ways

How To Get Your Ex Back If You Have Children Together In 2 Thoughtful Ways Going through a breakup is difficult, but experiencing a separation when you …


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How To Get Your Ex Back If You Have Children Together In 2 Thoughtful Ways

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  1. I’m not blaming my divorce on our four children that I had in my 30s but I am saying that it was really hard we were both so busy with work and home and the children that we lost each other it ended up in an affair at the end of our marriage and we got divorced last year I have never stop being in love with my ex-husband we started seeing each other again just in June and he claimed he loved me and missed me and still attracted
    Ok to me and me and the kids thought that we would because Getting back together well now he tells me that he needs space he wants to be left alone and I’m afraid that we’re not going to get back together I know I need to give him the space but it’s already been one year and I miss him a lot so what do I do

  2. Hello Adrian,
    Thank you and your team to have an area where most of us are looking for guidance. Ive currently been on a breakup for about 2 months. We still live together and have 1 child. I agreed to her choice for a break up and seen some improvement in our communication after a month of giving her some space. Now its time to interact more and show her signs that im changing for the better. I guess my problem is when is it a good timw to addrress if we can work things out or do I continue to be patient and allow her to reach out to me about giving the relationship another chance. Thank you any advise will help greatly. Most appreciated yours truly Johnny

  3. Adrian I have asked my ex countless time to spend time with me and the kids but he isn't interested he takes the kids himself and wants nothing to do with me. What can I do there? I can't show him anything if he doesn't spend time with me

  4. Ive been seeing this beautiful girl and we started as friends and we fell inlove after all that ivr been there for her since day one and he raised hes hand on her in an argument they had but shes living with him couse she has no where to go and im willing to move and buy a place for us but now that he see shes cold towards him now hes talking and corrupt her head and gives her doubts and i know its not easy for her to move on couse of the child but shes believing hes life so can u tell me what can i do and say to her in order for her to realize its all fake couse he abuses her emotionally and mentally and she dont see it so please help me help us….im all the wat from south Africa

  5. I fucked up our relationship because I was selfish and now I suffer every day. Dont be selfish people. She eventually stopped caring and then took the kids for 5 months where I cried everyday! I was forced to go to court. If any young people are reading this, dont be rash, dont be selfish. Say what you mean and mean what you say! No matter who you are with you will kick yourself in the butt!!

  6. I was in a on and off again relationship for 14yrs and my ex left almost a year and a half ago. Not even 3 months later hes already seeing someone. During this time it became very explosive. He assulted me in front of our 2 children took them for 4 days. My children then returned home and want nothing to do with him. I use to encourage them to talk and see him but i no longer do so. I dont discourage them either. Naturally he blames me for them not talking to him. I really miss and want my family back. I have been in no contact with my ex since oct of 2018. He texts every now and then with random comments and i either ignore them completely or am very short. I dont know what to do at this point anymore

  7. My girlfriend and I loved 1 year. I had a very hard time with my beloved. I do not give freedom to my girlfriend. That's why my girlfriend said we could break. I have matriculated myself for my love. My girlfriend did not believe me. She did not like what she likes. How to explain to my girlfriend

  8. My ex and I have 3 kids together. We also together raised our other kids from previous marriages who are now grown. After 13 yrs it was over. I moved out with the kids staying in our house to not disrupt any more then we had to. I am madly in love with him but he says he does not feel the same. I know my mistakes and own them. I’m doing my best to be strong but it hurts knowing he does not share the same feelings. We were never married and I still feel we could make it thru all this. I have hope. It’s been 10 months and he still does so much for me for that I am grateful. I was faithful thru the 13 yrs and still remain faithful. I’m just a mess everyday and can’t seem to get out of that slump. I do speak to him daily and see him because of the kids and it’s so hard.

  9. I need help. My. Husband and I where together for 20 years until I had a car accident that ended up taking years to recover even though I still worked just so he wasn’t overwhelmed with the stress of doing it by his self. Long story short he started to fill his time and energy on a girl that wasn’t as broke as I was physically he said he did it because I wouldn’t get on a 4 wheeler and the reason for me not doing that is because I broke my neck and back in this car accident, like a dumb ass I took him back so now he knew that he could do it all the time. And he did 8 years later he told me he was leaving me for someone else. I loved this man so much and thought I could never make it on my own what if that day comes that I will have to repeat one of these surgeries what will I do who will be there… so I asked him what does she do that is different from me? His response she tells me about god!!! I almost hit the floor then he says she is a real good Christian.the look on my face and the anger in voice when I told him what kind a Christian she really is because god doesn’t send a single women to a married man. Needless to say it took me a very long time to wake up and say let this man go. Go on with your life be happy you don’t need anyone in your life that doesn’t put you in there’s first. So I did that stop talking cut the tie but with kids together it was hard. But for the last few weeks he’s been calling and texting me saying that he just missed talking to me and worries about me all the time because that day has now come that I have to have my neck surgery done again. I expressed to him that it scared me because unlike you I don’t need someone in my life because I can’t be by myself. I am doing better mentally and physically I have really surprised myself on what I can’t really do…
    but know I feel they have married for over a year now and I think he is starting to that the 80/20 rule you that you were getting has turned to 20/80 rule is slapping him hard he’s been around asking and to be honest I’ve been giving up the cookies now I m the secret lover and she has found out. Really don’t care how she fills it’s like this crazy evil voice in my head that just wants to beat the hell out of her like how are you getting mad at me I’m only doing to you what you did to me. Karma is a mother but not sorry your feelings are hurt now.
    I guess my question is do I want him back do I trust you once again because you tell me you live this I feel more than you ever loved me and you can still cheat what do you think is going to go threw my head every time your out of my sight. And is it even worth the heartache and energy I’ve given you before and you stomped them out?

  10. My son's mother has someone new just with in 7 months we ended things in a odd crazy way it was a lot of negative things going on but we kept it together at times for our son who is 10 now I still do love her but she has now been talking through our son is it over just cause she found someone?

  11. Please help, ex-husband of 9 years and 9 months is in a new relationship with someone that was his friend for years. He moved out to live with his dad and he is living with her too. He said he's trying to focus on his new life he only talks to me when it comes to the kids or getting his stuff. I don't know how to prove to him that I'm different now. It has only been 4 to 5 days. I don't know if it's a rebound or if it's the real thing but I'm so scared. I feel like I should have respected and showed him more love. I don't know how to get past this please help.

  12. Me and my ex have been together for almost 11 years. We would argue sometimes. But we have 3 kids together and told me she wanted to be happy. We were engaged. I want her happy. But I need to change my ways and be cool and work on myself and for my kids. But we still under the same roof. How can I make her come back.?

  13. My situation is very difficult, so here I go, my daughters father and I were together for 5 years but have known eachother our whole lives. We hooked up a couple times in high school at parties and he wanted to date me and I had no clue or did he make an effort. He never was in a relationship and only had 1 relationship before we got together and it was only a year. But 6 years ago he seen me at the bar, wouldnt talk to me really but the instant he left he'd message me. I'm more forward and go for it. We started hanging out and started dating. Early in our relationship I had gotten in trouble and was away for 4 months but he stuck with me through it and once done things were great. We started planning our life together, we lived together for just about a year and bought a house and remodeled it together. Then we talked about having a child together saying if it happens it happens but also I had said to him let have a baby and he agreed. So it actually happen we found out it was happening almost 2 years into our relationship. Then the 9 months happened and we had our daughter. We talked about marriage many times also. The 1st year after our daughter was born I started to become an alcoholic as he drank to but he could control it as I couldnt. Our daughter was 1 1/2 and I left for 4 months to get help only coming to visit when I was able which was 2 times a week. I had left him to care for our daughter all alone and with out notice. As the whole first 1/2 I was a stay at home mother and taking care of all those duties. We were kinda separated or didnt have a label but still together even though he barely talked to me and he told me he was giving me tough love. So I came back home and things were rough for a while, we fought a lot and alcohol came into the picture again. We were starting to get back to normal again besides the fighting. Well then a big bang happened as I put my daughter in a very dangerous situation, awful and It happened while I was drunk still from the night before and with drawing from alcohol and he was at work. I still can not for give myself for the what happened. He came home from work that day and I was drunk as he took my daughter to a sitter for the day allowing me the opportunity to just get slashed. He was very angry with me and was kicking me out of our house as he had every right to be so angry at me. But I was so drunk because I drank and drank because I was upset about the situation and was not thinking and all I wanted to do was talk about it but he wasnt allowing it so I had got in trouble for domestic. We ended up with a no contact because of me as that was going on I didnt obey it to well and got in trouble with that once again not being around for 2 months and missing more of our daughters life and him taking care of everything. He had put a restraining order against me as it's still in effect. He started dating someone new 3 weeks after he kicked me out. We are currently in a custody situation that is awful. I have been sober for almost a yr now and just wanting 50/50 . This new girlfriend moved in after 6 months of dating and is still in the picture making it almost 10 months they been together. She states they are going to spend the rest of their lives together and going to get married. With the on going problem of custody him and I are allowed to have contact and exchange our daughter to eachother, communicate via messaging about our daughter but that's about it because of the restraining order but thing is he doesnt/ refuses to communicate with me, talk to me at all and worst of all allows the girlfriend to message me off his phone pretending to be him and answer/ making decisions regarding our daughter. He hasn't talked to me in months and his girlfriend is very mean to me and using our daughter to fight like it's a game. As I know my daughters father and for as long as I've known him hes not this type of person. I still truly live him and want to make things work but is there a chance? Or am I just making things worse for myself still having that hope? I've been completely focused on myself and my daughter but I still want that part of my life back and to be a family. I am very much in love with him. Is there a chance we can work it out? Are him and the new girlfriend really serious? Is it completely over? Is she a rebound? I'm losing my mind trying to figure this out. Our break up has been as long as him and the new girl have been together. Just need a little insight, opinions, help and or anything please.

  14. I have the good kind of leukemia since it could be treated with pills. My wife of 11 years is in the Navy, been in for only like 5 years and haven’t had a real deployment yet, cheated on me and wants a divorce after her first real deployment coming up. We have two toddlers and I’m the stay at home parent due to my health issue. I’m ok in letting her go but if we divorce I lose health benefits that’s really helps me with my cancer. I don’t know how am I going to get a good health coverage like the one the Navy provides. She’s in her own little world right now with the guy, the guy has a toddler too and in the process of getting divorce too. Man what’s wrong with her. Anyway, I’m focused on my kids more but I’m worried about my health.

  15. Me and the mother of my kids have been apart 10 years. We've always co-parented and had a decent relationship thru the years tho. Lately I've been flirting and she tries to fight it. I know for a fact she's still attracted to me tho. I asked her out and she declined lol….I asked to take her to Miami, FL (her dream vacation)……and she accepted lol. I hope it's a start. Wish me luck!!!

  16. My ex of 9 years split with me 3 weeks ago we have 2 children so speak daily she said she don't miss me because we talk daily she said she dose love and care about me and I'm working on my floors she said she would seriously consider giving it another go but we haven't spoken about it since

  17. Hello Guys! I need some advice. I broke up with my yet unborn baby girl's father about a month ago. I am 7 months pregnant now. I was jealous, we were fighting so much the last 2 months. When he left, he said we will be in contact, just need time to process what happenned. He reached out about a week or two, but I was so needy and desperate, so he stopped calling or texting me. If I text him or call him, sometimes he replies, but most of the time not at all. When I say something about the baby, he replies but so cold. Yesterday he said he feel so much pain because of we split, but don't know what to do, and feels like things just don't work out with us anymore, he doesn't "look that way to me anymore". I feel like he is confused, so do I. He said he doesn't have anyone, and "still loyal to me", and also gets jealous. I don't know what to do, I don't want to lose him. I need to give us time and space, or try to get close to him again? Please, help me!

  18. Hey mate you sound like someone I would like to chat to.
    I'm going through alot with my family and hit rock bottom and trying to get back on-top of my life how can I contact you

  19. I couldn't get back with my kids mom if she had sex with someone else during the break up but if she didn't then I could. It'll crush my soul just knowing she's been in bed with another guy

  20. Nope she doesnt want me ever. I didnt cheat or anything. I just stopped being the loving man over a six month period after my daughter was born. Then i started to push to get her back over the break up.

  21. My ex left me after we had a son tg she left me and found someone else someone who she went to high school with it's been 8 months she still calls me and wants to meet up i try doing no contact but then I miss my son and once she hears my voice or sees me she gets a high of it idk what to do

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