How to Fly With Your Dog in the Airplane (10 Travel Tips)

Today I will show you how to travel with a dog in an airplane with 10 tips. We flew with our dog under the airplane seat in front of us on United Airlines, and I will …


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39 thoughts on “How to Fly With Your Dog in the Airplane (10 Travel Tips)

  1. I am told few Airlines let pets travel in Cabin, Lufthansa being one. Pets not allowed in business class or first class. In economy its usually the last seat where you can carry the dog with you. .. i am worried though how she will manage so many hours on flight

  2. My dog is about 70lbs. Do you think he would be able to travel on a long flight? I'll be going to college in Paris, and my parents would come visit for 2 to 4 weeks. Would they be able to go on a long flight from America to Paris with my dog?

  3. Yes I have a cat he’s about 15 pounds. USA to Philippines is there any problem he’s healthy wealthy and wise. Do you only thing is he has to get two shots and that would get him up and theyes definitely. This is my first time flying one way in the Philippines not to waste but one way my wife is going to be waiting at the airport for us and I was wondering if you could give any tips how to prepare my account for the experience thank you very much❤️🐈❤️

  4. I have a 5yr. old Maltese, in March.
    I want to visit my aunt next summer and I wanted to take my baby with me. It seems like it'll just be easier to just leave him here. I don't want to because I don't like being separated from my little baby more than me being at work and coming home. It seems like it would just be easier and cheaper to just leave him here with Daddy.
    Maybe I'll wait until Daddy's on vacation and that way he don't have to be alone all day.

  5. Thank you for this video it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for ! I have an extended 1 month vacation I want to take my 7 month old puppy the flight is 10 hours do you have any additional tips for me?

  6. thank you for this video because I have been trying to convince my dad to travel with my dog but his excuse is he don't know how to book for the dog to go on the plane but when i show him this video he I will be able to travel with my dog thank you

    but we are not gonna travel not because of the pandemic maybe in 2021 for summer

  7. When you flew with your pup, do you know how tall he was and how well did he fit in his crate? My pup is 18 weeks old and only 8.5 lbs but she is tall (13” at the shoulders) so I worry she won’t fit/won’t be comfortable.

  8. Hi, new follower here. Do you mind a more in depth segment regarding TSA. I’m a little confused as to how you’re suppose to go about it. I’ve heard that your dogs has to walk to you without a leash which seems incredibly scary. I’m flying with my 11 pound dog next month and I’m trying to piece as much as information as possible. Thanks I’m advanced.

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