How to Achieve Perfect Health – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.18.15)

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How to Achieve Perfect Health – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.18.15)

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  1. I just had a realization, we don't have free will. We are controlled completely by our higher selves. I mean we ARE actually our higher selves, but at the same time there is our mind selves, which in their own way is also its own entity. We as a human race identify more with our mind self than our higher selfs. So it is essentially us, right now, and the reason I say we don't have free will, is from the perspective of the mind self. Since if we dont do what our higher self wants us too, we feel bad and get disease and eventually die. So we are controlled by making us follow our intuition or higher selfs instructions.

  2. This talk was genius. Not new info but 1000% better way of relaying it. " Source is not cruel, it doesn't give you a limitation that doesn't have a purpose that exceeds the displeasure of the limitation. " great statement. Only the child part I feel is hugely incorrect and very new age'y.

    I understand the child come in pure and it picks up the parents " dis-ease, unhealed emotions, low level vibrations, call it what you will and it is this that causes the deformities etc.

    I think we have to hold our hands up and say we cannot fully understand the mechanisms in play when children suffer and we have to be careful not to default to new age'y answers such as choice and chosen and contrats, this is a gross misconception of incarnation.

    The other issue is, yes, we die as we are not in alignment BUT in the spiritual world your misalignment continues in your spiritual body with disfigurments aliments and disease

  3. I need help! I understand that our thoughts shape reality. However, how do we stop the feedback loop of negativity. I say so many affirmations but now that I'm aware I catch myself in lack mindset all the time. How do we start to train our subconscious to actually believe that an illness isn't real, or that it can heal??

  4. Nothing is stopping healing except the belief that it cannot happen. You are always already perfectly healthy. I am always and already bliss and love. So let me just learn from sickness, negative experience and bad circumstances and remember who and what I am. Let me re-align with the vibrations of my natural and higher self. Focus on whatever is positively resonating love and joy. If I feel bad, it is because I carry a belief which is not true. See sickness and negative circumstances with loving and joful eyes, and they will have to transform. They want to transform if I want them to.

  5. thank you for the question at 1:40:00, ive been wondering 🙂 for me it may be related to wanting to be perfect… perfectionism and yet Bertinho has a great perspective on that might be useful for me… 🙂 ofcourse teacher might not be exemplifying 100% surely 🙂
    when im happy and drink a lot of water problem doesnt persist …
    desiring potato or corn chips is due to lack of protein craving due to my metabolism type.. so now i prefer eating soft-boiled eggs.. and quitted chips etc mostly 🙂

  6. Great teaching, and Meta Health DOES have a mind-map that pinpoints the psychosomatic background of particular specific body issues. They have it all researched and archived and my partner uses it successfully with regards to his own body issues, without any dietary change or de-toxing methodologies.

  7. He mentioned when drinking the water that he could rather focus on the dry through until it disappears. is it right?
    isn't it what you focus in you get more?

    what can I do when I feel cold?
    focus on it?
    or on warm?

    thanks 😉

  8. This guy is a salesman…selling his bullshit. i aint buying it. bla bla bla. tell me something I donr know junior.
    Ur a mortal just like me…u donT KNOW anything more than I do.
    Can u PROVE one thing u say? U believe…u dont KNOW. Same as yr belief in God.
    You believe…u dont KNOW.

  9. Hi Bentino Massaro, I'd just like to thank you for being apart of our journey. I really enjoy your materials. May you consider doing a video on asthma as my son has experienced respiratory difficulties since birth and I'd love to gain a deeper insight please

  10. Some of the things you say make it appear as if you believe the "higher Self" has no common sense.  Indeed, at times your words seem to make it appear that the Universe is idiotic in its relations with us.  You speak of this great power, the Universe, as being incapable of knowing what is best for us;  as being incapable of discerning between what it is we want, or need and our wishes as if it is totally stupid.  I can not agree with that interpretation.  What father would give his son a stone if he should ask for bread.  Come on, be tuned in to your higher self.  It is higher for a reason;  it is not stupid or unkind, or unreasonable.  Perhaps not all your words are in alinement with your higher Self.  Maybe it was just your inflated ego talking?  Chuck…

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