House subcommittee holds hearing on Trump's Iran policy

House Foreign Affairs Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism Subcommittee hearing on “Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Iran Policy.


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House subcommittee holds hearing on Trump's Iran policy

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  1. Trump tore up the nuclear agreement America had with Iran and is inciting war with them. Trump did so at the behest of the military industrial complex and the Saudi's and Israeli 's . Trump has done all this without the consent of Congress who are article 1 and control our war powers , not the executive.

  2. Josh 1:9 Listen child. Be strong and courageous do not be afraid or discouraged​for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go..

    Be strong brother's and sisters and
    Look upward for our Redeemer draws
    near We going home..
    Yes We going home .. Hallelujah 🙌🙏

  3. RT reports: "Pentagon announces $250 million military aid to Ukraine"
    The same country used to plant the dossier, to attack Paul Manafort… overthrown by Clintocrat /McCainiac deep state using actual Nazis,,,, and used as base of operations to attack Russia… And interfered in the 2016 Election AGAINST Trump. Therefore rewarded with $250m. Some "swamp draining"

  4. Tomahawk the deep-state sites so they are not usable ever again and walk away. Iran will Love Trump for freeing them of their oppression. They already tried to clean them out with the arrest of 290 cia agents last month.

  5. this all sounds like a set up to ww3 . ali ships are attacked and what's up with norway dumpy was talking about it then their ship is attacked and they're way to close to russia to be protected on time if putin plans to hit them. and the dumbass in the u.s. embassy in norway was saying just last year about all the horror of war there but was called out for it. or is that putins plan of up coming events. i trust no one in this current administration

  6. I had a thought on immigration.
    If we have to make it so all the illegal immigrants want to leave as bad as they wanted to come here that would go a long way to help the problem! So if President Trump where to go on the emergency broadcast channel again, on every cell phone, computer, cable TV and radio station, magazine articles every other form of media and announced that every illegal immigrant has 90 days to voluntarily leave the country, if they so choose they can re-enter legally, but they all have to leave within 90 days. On day number 91 a nationwide sweep and Round Up of all illegal immigrants will take place, and they will be taken to the safe country that's designated or deported or whatever the case by case basis maybe.
    Then we will be a NATION of only HONEST, HARDWORKING, LOYAL AMERICANS AGAIN and we will have our country back!
    Just my humble opinion.

  7. Trump to win 2020 with help from RUSSIA AGAIN. Cheating and LYING is the only way Trump knows.
    I guess American love being lied and cheated on.
    These folks deserve EXACTLY what they get. They got nothing else to do in their lives.

  8. I am Glad we are putting our foot down when it comes to Iran , I think we should be even tougher on them . If they threaten War than we should prepare for War.

  9. Yes Sir! Just one question: What did the U.S. do in the meantime? "Increase military budget?" or "BOMBARD THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA"? My suggestion is: Do not go to war with Iran just because a former "ally", i.e. The Saudis said so.

  10. Breaking News: Our government will do whatever the hell it wants. PROOF we lost our representative government, free press is an illusion and your rights can now be stripped away exposed at the leak in my name.


  12. Trump can't even take a little bit of in house heat without having a meltdown. Imagin asa war time president? He would have to be committed to a loony bin.

  13. Top Israeli expert, impossible for America to beat Iran. 1, 000 men is a joke. The US deployed a half million to Kuwait and that put a strain on the military.

    Israeli military expert says it ridiculous for US to think it can fight a conventional war in Iran. It's too big and the logistics are terrible. Worse than another Vietnam.

    The minute the US concentrates on Iran. It will set China loose. They will twist the neck of Taiwan.

    The US army not capable of fighting two medium sized wars. Syria and Yemen were an absolute disaster.

    Says America doesn't know how dumb it was to overthrow Saddam. Iraqis in the south are Shia. Kuwait is Shia. The Saudis who control the oilfields are Shia. Lebanese are Shia. Lebanon, Hezbollah already said if Iran gets attacked they are burning down the middle east.

    It would be kicking a freakin Shia hornet's nest.

  14. As of June 6 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10796 times Trumpo The Orange Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.
    Trumpo decided to go it alone on Iran. Our allies said Iran had not broken their agreement. The US has become an island. Agreements under one administration are now void under another. The US word is only good as long as any president is in office. That is the message sent by Trumpo, and backed by most Republicans.

  15. Why are we starting another war? We were supposed to get the troops out of the MEast and back home?! Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate that speaks it how it is.

  16. Trumps Middle East policy is whatever MBS and Netanyahu say it is. Saudi Arabia and Israel are part of trump and Kushner’s plan to use the presidency to financially enrich trump and his family

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