Hong Kong protests force airport shut down


National Committee on U.S.-China Relations Steve Orlins on the protests in Hong Kong and in Russia. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel …


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  1. HONG KONG is the LIFE LIEN of China's economy, the people of HONG KONG you STOP China, YOU WILL WIN. No going back now, you CAN'T , you have SACRIFICED your life, your family , friends, and those that live in HONG KONG. God bless you.

  2. China has reccieved Ebola virus strains from Canada according to Michelle Remple. I never here the fakers above tell you the real concerns of the day.

  3. The People of Hong Kong understand the Threat China represents to their GOD Given Rights to be FREE from the Tyranny of a Communist Dictatorship!!  How is this ANY Different than the 13 American Colonies who wanted FREEDOM for the TYRANNY of the Dictatorship of the Royal Crown of Britain??  Hong Kong's Fight for Freedom has Just Begun!!  In the END, We The People of Hong Kong WILL WIN!!   Steve Orlins is a Shill for Tyranny and China's Communist Dictatorship!!  Treasonous  Words from a Man Who Has Freedom!!

  4. those 2 guys certainly didn't know what is going on in Hong Kong right now. They are like talking about a comedy they just watched yesterday whiling having some coffee.
    Those is nearly a terrorist attack, not a protest as your video edited. Those young "protesters" are holding weapons and chemistry to hurt ladies, kids, all the strangers in public. buildings, equipments, greens, and even hurt policeman. Could you media stop insanely focusing on "What China would do? what China would think? What China would learn from xxx", this is not even the case that China can learn anything from this illegal terribly rude "protest". but Is : what are you guys really looking for since you mislead everyone by using your media power?

  5. so is okay for the mob to use force on everyone in hk the government offcials and police. BUT IS NOT OKAY FOR POLICE TO DO THEIR JOBS TO ARREST THE MOBSTERS????

  6. I don’t what’s the point of protesting here, you’re already returned to China, you will only enjoy at most 20 years of your automacy, if you don’t like the fact that you will be part of China, then go for us for asylum, US will welcome every single one of you

  7. Donald is using Hong Kong as his castle on the chess board game of Trade War with Mainland China.China is plying with money as well as human rights ! Double vammy !

  8. Absolutely outrageous that Orlin's puts economic and multi-nationals as the main concern in this and that you refer to HK able to 'deal' with these demonstrators.
    They want the bill withdrawn, not shelved, "What's the difference", you're being tricky.
    At least the Fox presenter pulled him up on the police brutality. Any person of conscience would be deeply moved after seeing that poor girl shot in the eye.
    People like Orlin's know very well what's going on but money is their God and pander the evil communist regime.

  9. This is a contagion…and it's going to spread with far reaching socio-economic affects…whether the primitive governments and global financial system are ready for it or not. Humanity is shedding it's skin. Welcome to the new paradigm✨🙏✨

  10. Against communist!!! Communist government has all the money and power!!! Not little people.. They are risking their lives and livelihoods to protect their free speech and individual rights…protection against dictator gigantic communist China…
    how long have they protest peaceful? Nothing really happened!!! These protesters are small people… no money, no power.. they are fighting with everything they got.. they are the heroes…so many goy arrested.. jailed time is something like 20 years… Academia has been corrupted more than corporations .. they got gov regulations and funds…

  11. Hey HK government! Do you expect this to end by doing nothing? Insanity is expecting a different result by doing the same thing again and again.

  12. I think HK police are too gentle and that’s what fuel the violent protesters further. Had it happen in anywhere in US, police would have open fires w real bullets and killed many protesters.

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