Highlights From Finance Minister Sitharaman's #Budget2019 Speech

Missed Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s maiden budget speech? We’ve got you covered with all the highlights in under 10 minutes. Read more: …


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Highlights From Finance Minister Sitharaman's #Budget2019 Speech

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  1. The challenge is the rampaging elephant in the room. It's not about the "Government not wanting to be the elephant",
    but about reversing the rampage the elephant has already done.

    Let's face it, the elephant ran amok and crushed the tiger that was the GDP and domestic demand with the double
    blow of demonetization and GST (both well-intentioned, perhaps, but ill-timed and not well implemented).

    The elephant got its way in the first five years, but in the next five, the feared 'black swan' may run circles around
    the elephant and make it keel over.

    The black swan could be the oil spike fuelled by the Iran crisis, a heightened trade war, exodus of capital,
    investors and businesses and/or the appreciation of the dollar and depreciation of the rupee. The last one can
    set us up for a debt trap, if we bite more foreign borrowings (because they are cheap) than we can fiscally chew.

    If we have any chance at all, it's only if the animal instincts would lie low and let the animal spirits revive.

  2. Tax kaun marta hai?
    kaise mar dega tax?
    tax tum sarkar log kha jate ho
    congress toh itna sal khaya,
    ab sala tum bjp log khalo public ka tax ka paisa….
    and jis processes se bjp desh chala raha hai vikas ka toh pata nahi lekin sabka sath sabka vinash hona nischit hai.

  3. sv சேகர் வாக்கு படி adjust பதவி வாங்கின என்னதான் பண்ண முடியும்

  4. இவள் ஒரு கர்நாடக காறி பொம்பளையா இருந்தா போதும் 1970 க்கு முன்பு பிறந்த தமிழர்கள் நாக்கை தொங்க போட்டுவிடுகிறார்கள்

  5. Some good decisions like recapitalizing banks, divesting from loss making PSUs and giving more attention to power as well as aviation industries. But government need to withdraw organized loot of rich people. only 2-3% of population pay both taxes and provide employment. Unless government can attract more foreign investment in manufacturing and IT sector, levying more taxes will harm the already grim unemployment situation.

  6. The arrogant people make arrogant budget. Nirav Mekhul Lalit Mallaya am bani kom bani adani and all super super rich flee the country . They are in paradise . Indian public fools are what???? BJP is creating loop holes in all sector s un employment; Lynching ; Mob Firings; dirty politics of BJP.

  7. Simple GST
    Min GST=Max.Kitty

    GST COLLECT=12L-Cr/y Now

    PAY>1% of Sale
    Pay Rs10-for1,000-/day
    By Mobile=Return

    24-Cr Trader's AvSale=50L(say)

  8. Super rich will flee from our country and settle down in a place that's more conducive for them to efficiently run business. So, the middle class will indubitably suffer due to lack of employment opportunities.

  9. Disapppointing. Salaried upper middle class ignored. Cess on oil will make every item costlier. Village reforms eimplentation nd execution always fails due to greedy MPs, MLA nd middlemen in village. Real economically poor do not benefit.
    Too complex a budget. A layman will not understand at all

  10. It is an IAS officer made budget not an economist made budget.All section of people are frustrated. BJP govt is found to be fully dependent on presentation specialist chamcha IAS officers not on experts of any field.

  11. The budget does not speak of the income deficits and steps taken to make for the deficit.
    How the increase in the tax collection will impact the economy particularly the price inflation.
    The conspicuous absence of price hike suggests the positive climate for corporate sectors not the welfare.

  12. Stop taxing more who are already paying… bring in non tax payers in the pool. Specially direct tax payers pay half of they hard earned money.. and still milk them more with emotional slogans..

  13. I give a thumbs up to this budget. I also like the fact more impetus has been given on the aviation sector in the form of aviation financing, building more MRO's, divestment of Air India, etc.

    Also I like that fact they have revised its borrowing target, India with one of the lowest natinal debts needs to borrow more in order to grow and grow faster.

    Also very much like the changes to the marginal tax rates and tax for the rich. Mentioned below.

    Corporate tax rate in india comes in two slabs
    1. Below 250 crores (now increased upto 400 crores) @ 25%
    2. Above 400 crores @ 35%.

    Its the income taxes (for individuals earning above 2 crores) that has been increased, it has various different slabs.

    1.Income upto 5 lakhs @ 0% , However, ITR filing is still mandatory if your income exceeds the basic exemption limit of Rs. 2.5 Lakh (if age is below 60).
    2. 5 -10 lakhs @ 20.8%
    3. 10- 50 lakhs @ 30.2%
    4. 50 lakhs – 1 crore @ 34.32%
    5. 1- 2 crore @ 35.88%
    6. Income of 2-5 crores @ (increased from 35.88% to) 39%
    7. Income above 5 crores @ 42.7%

    Which is on par with the developed/industrialised nations in the world with the exception of USA (which had marginal tax rates of above 90% during is golden age).


    Sources – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_tax_rates



  14. Lacklustre…Very ordinary..nothing to even remark about..People with the required ammo ,Piyush Goyal or Jayant Sinha should have been made the finance minister…seems like her jnu economics has got the better of her or pricewater coopers was not enough….only use is for feminist rhetorics ..

  15. FYI, Top 100 richest in India give 90% of the taxes, top 1% own 73% of wealth in India, America has been trying to tax the rich 90% as they did during their golden period back in 1950s, it’s a good thing India has focused on something what developed countries have done or trying to do.

  16. Madam..we are disappointed by your budget… No mention about the generation of employment for the million of educated youths.. And by levying tax on fuel and gold you have made it as … yaanai puguntha nilam.. Not cared about the 60% of Indian common man..

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