Hey Pakistan! Can you give us some suggestions? (Pakistan Travel)

Hey Pakistan! Can you help us out and give us some suggestions on traveling your great country? We need suggestions of where to stay in Skardu, Hunza, …


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Hey Pakistan! Can you give us some suggestions? (Pakistan Travel)

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  1. A Mexican here who has been looking forward to the Jones starting this Pakistan adventure. I am very excited to see my favorite climbing family do the trek to K2 base camp!!! Mexicanos, si no han visto la serie de los Jones escalando el Everest, no han vivido. Váyanse a verlo y van a ver que va a estar buenísimo verlos en Pakistán (y más ahora con Sr Silencio!!! jaja). Good luck and many blessings during the trek Jones family!!!

  2. Welcome to Pakistan, I hope You all have a memorable Trip

    Plan a Islamabad to Khunjerab Pass Road Trip, on your way You will be able to witness 4 types of landscapes.

    Islamabad -> Murree -> Nathiagali -> Abbottabad -> Mansehra-> Balakot -> Kaghan Valley (Siri & Paye Meadows 12k Feet-> Naran Valley (Lake Saifulmalook -> Babusar Top -> Chilas -> Raikot Bridge KKH (Fairy Meadows 8K Feet & Nanga Parbat Base Camp ) -> Astore Valley – Deosai Plains – Minimerg & Domel -> Astore Valley -> Gilgit -> Hunza Valley (Naltar)-> Attabad Lake & Tunnel -> Passu Cones ->Gulmit -> SOST -> All the way to Khunerab Pass (PK-China Border 16K Feet) -> Back to Gilgit & Airport u take a flight for Skardu n then K2 Expedition

    This is what is suggest for 7-10 Days Road trip in North Pakistan. 7-5 Days for roaming around in Cities 15 Days K2

  3. Welcome to Pakistan guys. Hope you all have a nice trip.
    Places to visit:
    Hunza: Altit Fort, Baltit Fort
    Islamabad: Daman-e-Koh, Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Shakar Parriyan, Food (Monal Restaurant)
    Lahore: Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum, MM Alam Road, Liberty Market, Lahore Mall Road, Jallo Park, Food(Haveli Restaurant, Butt Karahi Faisal Town)

  4. Post your Pakistan videos frequently & include 'PAKISTAN' or 'FOREIGNERS in PAKISTAN' in the video title and you will go trending. Expect a huge following from Pakistan 👍

  5. I am from Islamabad so go to Pakistan monument, Faisal Mosque, Daman e Koh in the capital. Islamabad is a beautiful city, Lahore is old fashioned and very chaotic.

  6. Really excited to see your Pakistan adventure, K2 Trek is pretty tough and cold on top specially with Kids but hopefully with past experiences you can manage but stay mentally prepared for tough trek and routines but trust me it will be all worth it every second of it and memories to last a life time. It depends on what is your budget but if can afford i would recommend Sarena Hotels which are available in all major cities. Best thing about Pakistan is its diversity enjoy that. Try Pakistani food but avoid tap water and be ready for upset stomachs and be prepared with medicines to tackle that, food is totally worth upset stomachs as its pretty tasty. Most of dishes include meat (Bariyani, Karahi, Tikka Boti, BBQ) but vegetables (Mix vegetable, Saag, Pakak Punir etc) and bean dishes (Chick peas etc) are good too. Places to visit:
    In North: Hunza, Passu, Deosai, Astore, Phander, Yasin Valley, Shandur Pass, Fairy Meadows, Naltar, Khunjrab Pass, Glaciers, Skardu.
    In Islamabad: Lake View Park, Margalla Treks, Monal, F-9 Park, Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa, Taxila Ruins, Murree Hills, Old Rawalpindi city Tour, Centaurus Mall.
    In Lahore: Lahore Fort, Wagah Border, Bashahi Mosque, Old Walled City, Food Street, Lahore Museum.
    So many other places to visit. Karachi and other cities, including so much more places to visit North but maybe in future trips.
    I am based in Islamabad if need any help let me know.

  7. Hello Jones,
    Its Obaid from Pakistan. Its great to see u r coming to PAKISTAN. hope it would be the most memorable trip of your life.
    Now coming to the video, I have an advice for you. please post this video in a facebook group "the karakorum club"
    link https://www.facebook.com/groups/thekarakoramclub/ .
    This group is one of the most reliable source of information for Pakistan tourism with full of experience travellers and locals from the places u have mentioned.
    Just post this video over there and you will see the response. Thank me later 🙂

  8. The north is great. (Do visit Siri Paye Plains A MUST)But you've got to visit the south to get a clear picture of Pakistan. The vibrant karachi, the historical Multan, Lahore, beaches of Baluchistan , rural Sindh.

  9. I'd recommend you to go to swat. The view there is quites amazing. And there are some historical places there as well. Also that area of Pakistan is very rich in culture and very green.

  10. When did you leave Mexico? Did I miss the memo? Are you guys in The States right now? When are you heading to exotic Pakistan? Sounds exciting! We'll miss the lot of you! XOXO

  11. Hey. Very happy you guys are making it through.
    1. So firstly in Hunza, stay at the PTDC motel, Eagles Nest (very good) or Serena (good views and best), avoid staying in Gilgit because Gilgit is just 2+, hours from Hunza and Hunza is much better, travel up to Khunjerab that's 2+, hour drive from Hunza up north, you'l enter the National Park and have Ibex sightseeing and yaks there too.
    2. I guess you also said Skardu, best stay is at Shangrila skardu, and do visit the Deosai Plains in the district.
    3. When your in Islamabad, IL be happy to meet and guide and a lunch/dinner is on me if you guys had time 🙂
    4. Lahore is huge, you'l find many options there, plus ofc a dinner at cucus den is a must.
    Safe travels and Welcome 🙂

  12. Hi Jones family, welcome to Pakistan, In Northern Pakistan you can usually find PTDC motels (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) in many places. These are clean and well maintained as well as family friendly. I am not much of a traveller myself but do find travel interesting. I would recommend you join the Karakoram Club facebook group that consists of locals who can offer helpful advise as well as other tourists and visitors where they share their experiences, tips, advice etc. Also check out the Broke Backpacker's Pakistan Blog, Against the Compass's Pakistan Blog and Lost with Purpose's Pakistan Blog and Wild Frontier's Pakistan videos. These are all Western People who traveled to Pakistan independently and share their real life experiences. You can also refer to the Lonely Planet Pakistan Thorntree forum to ask other travelers. I hope this helps you. Salam from Pakistan.

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