Health Regeneration, Body Armor, & Time to Kill in Black Ops 4! (Pre-Alpha Breakdown)

Today I take a deep look at the new health regeneration mechanics as well as total health and time to kill in the Black Ops 4 Pre-alpha build. What do you think …


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Health Regeneration, Body Armor, & Time to Kill in Black Ops 4! (Pre-Alpha Breakdown)

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  1. From all the gameplay I've seen so far, it seems like the game plays very clunky. This may be due to it only being an Alpha build so far, but I'm not looking forward to this COD from what I've seen so far.

  2. My goodness… the time to kill and everyone likes it. You people dont know good cod do you? If you ever played mw2 yiu remember how op every gun was and how fun that was!? Killing the whole team felt so good and anyone could do it. And dont come to me with but you can play hardcore. I hate limited HUD. I just want mw2 and they do this crap. Man I hate where cod is going. Like I have been saying. I hope battlefield slaps cod in the face again. Bad ttk plus the bullet reg when we play this game over internet. There will be bullets the do not register. So let's say it takes 5 bullets to kill someone with an AR now which is absolutely ridiculous. Add some to that that aren't registered. Now your gonna have a 30 round magazine with about 20 bullets or less left and you only killed one person. I'm sorry but cods. Net coding is no where near good enough and wont be in this cod for the ttk to be even higher. This is bogus and it wont last. Good luck trying to have any fun at all.

  3. The only thing that is on my mind right now since the announcement: New Recoil. What about CronusMAX and XIM and other adapters that have macro functionality? Players don't get banned for using them and with macros they can have a perfect recoil control from day 1! The only skill that is required is knowledge on how to set up the macro. Adapters and modified controllers with macro functionality as well as MKB adapters on consoles is a very common cheating methods right now, you can check my channel for Destiny 2 cheaters video and check this article: to know how bad it could get in certain games. Activision needs to take a clear and transparent stance on these methods of cheating and also work with platform owners, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to do something about this and enforce level playing field. Consoles are closed down platforms. It can be done, especially if this would become publicly discussed and recognized problem.

  4. No no no. Why why why. They are seriously overdoing the changes on the things that already worked. Nobody had issues with health regeneration before. I dont guess they will reverse some of these decisions, may be time for something new for me.

  5. Body Armour is gonna be the new deathstreak. Noobs are gonna spawn directly behind or front of you after u take out people and waiting to heal. This will be used by noobs for sure. Gonna be very annoying for us good players who play aggressively and about the get high streak until u realised the guy u killed 3 seconds ago has spawned and is equip with armour and ur in low health.

  6. You know that stims will be nerfed before this game goes live. The whole idea of the self healing was to add a layer of choosing between pushing on or retreating. As for the fire complaint that’s just part of the operators benefit, but yeah 20 seconds is too long.

  7. i love this new healing set up there making the game work more like Overwatch or Rainbow. Plus i play solider 76 in overwatch a lot and hes the cod character with a self heal ability and this is what im used to. i can see a lot of people not liking it at first but i think and hope it catches on. it adds a level of skill cuz you can rush but you have to be smart.

  8. Worried about quickscoping. With the time to kill being extended it gives quick scopers even longer to ruin your entire day. Before it felt OP. Now it’s gonna feel like they have an eternity to lock on and shoot before they die. Plus with stim theyre gonna be so god damn aggressive it’s not even funny… horrible idea

  9. Stim will be a massive crutch in it's current state. Guaranteed. It should be nerfed so the heal time and cool down is about half of the regular time, instead of the like 90% faster that it is now.

  10. I have a question for flinch: we all know that flinch is a product of how much damage your gun does. Now — is that a product of X amount of damage does Y flinch, or X amount of damage is Z% of total health, therefore giving Y flinch?

    So will 50 damage which is 50% damage in previous games be the same amount of flinch as 50 damage which is 33.3% in this game?

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