Havana Travel Tips 2017 for Americans

Americans traveling to Cuba in 2017 – get tips from my recent trip. We took JetBlue to Havana: We just returned and had a …


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Havana Travel Tips 2017 for Americans

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  1. Where can I find a list of Casa Particulares? Also, did you fly directly from the US or did you go via Mexico/Bahamas? If you traveled directly from US, what listing is used on the paperwork when you purchase your visa? Also, how much did the visa cost? The only visa service I could find charged $85.00. Thanks for your help!

  2. I'm very well world traveled and have visited Cuba 60 times in 27 years and never had a problem…Cuba is very safe but of course use common sense. Drink bottled water..be polite..when making purchases check your receipt for accuracy..Don't purchase Rum or Cigars on the street rather at stores or airport …I recommend Ibeeostar Hotels …Try a trip consisting of one week in Havana a beautiful fun filled easy walking city and one week in Varadero to enjoy the beautiful beaches…..Eat at places where many are eating as the food is always good and inexpensive….

  3. The tissue thing is not totally correct, I stayed at an Airbnb and they had it
    Also places that we visited.
    Great city, great people, will definitely go back

  4. American credit cards dun work there… what about other cards from other countries…? Any advise?
    I do assume they dun wk there too.

  5. For simplicity visiting Cuba seven days, I would recommend Habana 2 days and the rest in the beach of Varadero.
    In Habana, you can stay at Malecon, 51, Apt: 11, piso 11. Images can be seen here: https://www.holiplus.com/en/house-for-rent/522QD/casa-malecon-51 The place is owned by Mirian, a senior lady that rents two rooms with double occupancy at 50 CUC per day. The location is private and safe and it has the capacity for four people. The rooms come with a view to the ocean air conditioned and hot water (which is not regularly found in private homes). The minus is that you have to bring your sandals, shampoo and toilet paper but in the plus side you are going to be at a walking distance to more than 500 years of history of the old Habana and across the main street next to the waters of the Strait of Florida. It is better to make a reservation in advance by calling 201-210-1372.
    Video Tour of the area: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oitiVZ3k8bQ
    Map of the place: https://www.google.com/maps/@23.1449942,-82.3617357,17z
    In Varadero you can visit the house of Marlene at Calle 18, numero 206. It is about 300 feet from the turquoise waters of a pristine beach. Time will fly while you are there. Bring your mosquito repellent and enjoy your trip.

  6. I went to La Habana Spring 2014, 2016, and 2017. Each time I spent a week in that fantastic city. There is much to see and do. I have no idea where you went to eat, but there are a lot of places with great food for reasonable prices. Some of these restaurants would be 4 to 5 star restaurants in NYC!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the tips. Leaving in two weeks and it's great to to hear what you have learned. Please if there is anything extra email is at mikeyfrye7@gmail.com thanks again! Great video!

  8. Thank you. This was very helpful. The U.S. State Departments says only People to People, did you have to stay with an organized tour or were you able to travel with a guide and alone?

  9. The food was outstanding all recommended by our house caretaker Roly the Atlantic is a great place to stay we had the penthouse over looking the city with a private pool awesome

  10. I stayed at the Atlantic at the end of June I had a great time but the people have nothing it is a bit sad they are absolutely the friendliest and have incredible attitudes for being in such an oppressive situation I listened to many people and really sympathized with them we brought clothes toiletries batteries and cash all of them were very appreciative and all of them hated the government

  11. Where do you hear in the USA that Havana is not safe ?? I am NYC born Cuban and I have never heard such nonsense. People are quite shocked that those dark streets in any part of Havana are safe. Common sense being the first rule.

  12. Don't be afraid to go. Overcome your fears, build bridges to the people and explore this fascinating country on your own . You won't regret it.

  13. All you new travelers to Cuba talk about are toilet seats. Give some useful advice on where to stay and eat or drink, taxis drivers and people to meet. Names, numbers, and addresses. Not just basic informed. I guess that's all you get for free.And yes I have done this for my friends. Its a lot of work.

  14. Hi thanks for the great video! 🙂 My friend and I want to go in August but are kind of scared about the OFAC license requirements? Since we are going independently, not with a tour guide, we are not sure what type of proof we need to show when we come back to the states?
    Any tips?

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