Girls Rejected Me – So I Got Shredded | BRAND NEW ME

YEARS of anxiety-fuelled comfort eating led Mark to morbid obesity by the age of 21. At his heaviest, he weighed 330lbs and after ‘too many rejections’ from girls …


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40 thoughts on “Girls Rejected Me – So I Got Shredded | BRAND NEW ME

  1. I weighed 420 pounds and dropped to 235. After being locked up. Then I got out and my demons came for me. I'm at 350 and going up. No runs on average 225/178. I smoke. And life is falling apart. I listen to these stories hoping to get motivated and get my life together. So thankyou for these videos

  2. Apparently my parents want me to do reverse success. They were not proud and actually toxic towards me when I lost the last 30 pounds of fat off my body, built muscle, and bettered my mind and habits. Your before self is the son my dad wants me to be, but your after self is what I am striving to be. Life is so weird and harsh

  3. Them girls only said that because they were looking at pictures of you posing a certain way but if you just came up to him look in the way you do they would like you so yes you're right losing the weight did help girls are more naturally attracted to a fit figure but you showing them pictures of you posing a certain way is going to make them feel self-conscious that's going to give them an excuse to reject you either way but yes having a better bod did help

  4. I get him! Growing up I felt I wasn't good enough for guys because I was too skinny (I still am pretty thin). I thought they would find me repulsive and too child-like. I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to gain weight eating extra calories and exercising, of course. And no, I haven't forgot about changing the mindset, but sometimes, that's the most difficult part.

  5. There was a "Team Fearless" motivational video in which it was said that nobody wants to hear the stories of the person who got handed everything, the want to hear to hear the stories of people who had to go through pain and had to struggle to get where they are at. This is such a story…..

  6. A woman who goes for a man based on him being ripped is shallow. To get ripped because of failing to get a girl is sad. Yes, being overweight is not good but it is what is inside that is more important than the exterior.

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