Gaetz files ethics charges against Pelosi for ripping SOTU speech


Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., discusses the State of the Union and says this was a ‘triumphant week’ for the Trump administration. #FoxNews FOX Business Network …


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  1. Exactly right this is indeed a fight against dishonest and corrupt people, mostly Democrats but also a few back-stabber Republicans. I'm glad President Trump is calling them out on the offensive, since they've had him against the ropes and on the run defending himself and his office. I'm done with these idiot Democrats and any Republicans who want to act like fools as well. We'll be replacing you just as soon as elections can be held and then you'll see just how fed up We The People are.

  2. Donald Trump supports racism, anyone who doesnt support racism isn’t American. Keep Trump in office keep America Racist! Obama could never put out the racist flame that Trump reignited! Keep America racist vote for Donny T!

  3. Everyone should read the book entitled WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU?
    This book describes Nancy Pelosi to a TEE!
    She is suffering from a disorder called NARCISSISM.
    Read the book and I'm positive everyone who reads it will agree.
    She is incompetent to perform her job any more and she will only get worse if allowed to stay in this position as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!

  4. If Trump tore up her speech would you file an ethics charge against him? She tore it up because he would not shake her hand I don't blame her for being furious, Trump thinks he can never do any wrong because all you republicans will run to protect him no matter what he does, you forget The President is to run this country and take care of the People that live here in America, Trump only takes care of his wealthy friends! He is raiding the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the wealthy tax break. if that isn't enough to make you realize he gives a crap about the ordinary American then you and every republican must be blind!

  5. Senator Romney (Rep) made a sound, rational, honest decision to follow his conscience which he discusses in his very moving speech on the subject which I urge ALL to see. He presented as very honest, sincere, committed to his oath as a US Senator, to uphold the Constitution of the United States, also a commitment to the American people. I applaud his efforts, which in my opinion showed courage, honor, integrity, professionalism, intelligence, all qualities the American people value and RESPECT. He did it even knowing it might end his career; the costs would be great… I think he should be nominated for a (JFK) PROFILES IN COURAGE award. Well done Mitt, Well done!!! It does certainly raise questions that his conclusion(s) was the polar OPPOSITE of his voting Republican Senator counterparts… which speaks for itself.

  6. While the GOP berates Speaker Pelosi for EXERCISING HER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH, calling same "abhorrent, aberrant", notice how they make no mention of TRUMP SNUBBING SPEAKER PELOSI as she graciously offered her hand for a handshake at the start of the State of the Union. LOL.

  7. I read that Ethics charges against Pelosi were promptly dismissed. I think the Dems should file Ethics charges against the GOP, in fact, I have suggested same. A GOP vote in favor of a trial that EXCLUDES WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE, in the end producing an acquittal by that majority vote speaks for itself.

    As for Speaker Pelosi, the United States makes FREE SPEECH a Legal RIGHT. The Courts have found that FREE SPEECH covers burning the flag; I am confident the Courts would AGREE that Speaker Pelosi's tearing the speech would be protected under the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, which REMAINS LAW EVEN IN A REPUBLICAN WHITE HOUSE! So SHE EXERCISED A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT… REPUBLICANS NO LIKE IT… GET OVER IT! IT IS THE LAW!!! Speaker Pelosi explained the basis for her actions, criticizing the State of the Union speech, admitting in her opinion as Speaker, it "had no contact with reality whatsoever", which speaks for itself. I am actually GLAD she did it, as it gave me indicator of what she thought about the speech. I had my own reservations about the speech when a statement made related to a field I worked in for years, did not add up. Speaker Pelosi is FAR more knowledgeable than I on politics, proposed solutions in government… Her assessment speaks for itself; I found it very helpful.

    I think Republicans should draw their attention to Trump snubbing Speaker Pelosi who graciously offered Trump her hand after she introduced him at the State of the Union. This snub presented as RUDE, CHILDISH. If someone working for me did this, I would warn them it would NOT HAPPEN AGAIN…

  8. When Nancy Pelosi tore up ‘The State Of The Union Speech’ she violated a specific statute in the criminal code which is a FELONY; 18 U.S.C.A. 2071 States that Nancy Pelosi can be fined or imprisoned (up to 3-years) or both; and shall forfeit his/her office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi that kept saying and I quote “ NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”.

  9. As much as I dislike her insane childish behavior and find her to be an embarrassment for America, I have to keep reminding myself what a great job she is doing for her opposition. Lets hope she lives forever and keeps up the insanity.

  10. Pelosi is a from a mafia thug family and is just another narcissist Evil psychopath thug. She has now proven and shown her true colors and Evil hate for our country and for all hard working Americans. She is an enemy of the people and an enemy of the United State Of America. The country is about to turn on her and her party in the same way of the people on Mussolini. Oh its coming..She has not only tore up the American dream in front of millions but has also put the nails on the Coffin of the Democratic Party for ever. I am actually glade she did it. She and her party are about tp be eaten alive

  11. That lady sure knows how to tear up a pack of lies . Somebody tell square head that was not the official copy. It was completely legitimate to tear it up. Mitt Romney spoke the truth. Con artist Trump should have been convicted.

  12. Is everyone so blind??? SERIOUSLY! Democrats cannot afford to stop creating this & that to keep something going on. This is simply to create Budgets from Taxpayer dollars to keep money flowing into the democratic party! Nancy Pelosi will do and say anything to keep the money flowing. Prove me wrong. I challenge you.