Forget politicians – here's the experts' view of a No-Deal Brexit

With Theresa May’s Brexit deal struggling to get support in the House of Commons, a number of MPs believe the country is getting closer to a No-Deal Brexit.


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Forget politicians – here's the experts' view of a No-Deal Brexit

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  1. Roger Bootle is totally wrong. Why? The common market is the strongest issue of the EU. A free access to a non-EU member without any costs for this state would destroy the market. So the only way for the EU to protect this market is to exclude non-member states like future UK. For the EU is a No-Deal with UK the cheaper alternative than to destroy the common market. I believe in a common Europe and before the vote I said to myself: if the wanna leave, let em go. Make an end to all their extra wishes. Maybe they regret it later and if they come back later, they will be welcomed again. But then only as a normal member, without their extra wishes(wanna be part of it, but not a member).

  2. I am a happy EU citizen and lived in UK for 13 years: I hope in a no deal Brexit. That will hopefully teach something to a country that is very very uneducated and extremely arrogant. So go Great Britannia, leave the EU, it is about time: how many more deadline extensions do you need? It feels like the poor underachiever boy in the class who needs to complete an assignment that was due three weeks ago!

  3. Richard Tice is either a liar, fuckwit or just really ill-informed.

    “No Deal Brexit” is absolutely NOTHING like walking away from a deal you are negotiating in business, where everything stays the same if you don’t go ahead.

    No Deal Brexit means suddenly getting ejected from treaties we have take advantage of and relied on for 40 years.

    It isn’t deciding not to buy a house and just keep the one you’ve got.

    No Deal is deciding not to buy a house when you’re getting evicted tomorrow morning.

    If Tice genuinely knows that, he’s a manipulative and evil liar putting people’s livelihoods and the UK’s future at risk.

  4. Pretty annoyed that the “preview slide” for this video has a picture of Tim Martin next to the word “expert”. Martin does not understand the EU well at all – unsurprising as his business largely (though not exclusively) buys British beer and sells it to British consumers. He does have operations in Ireland: handling these will be harder after any Brexit, as might abstracting the proceeds…

  5. No deal is competing with all world for products bought and sold some stuff might come cheaper from US at different standard but Trump might require something in return for doing business with them.

  6. Tell me ONE positive advantage for leaving the EU? The gullible British public were sold an utter lie by the elitist 1%, forget the immigration bullshit lie, they will come whether we are EU or not, NEXT advantage please? LEMMINGS

  7. I don't see expert views in this video, I just see people defending their own interests pro and against Brexit. Anyway, you may be pro or against Brexit, but it sounds absolutely stupid deciding first and, after more than two years, thinking of the consequences.

  8. All remainers look into how the EU works . A debate in EU parliament means you ha a min or two to comment. People in the east ie Poland decide on what is good for the UK. Expenses, all MEP s get €4000 every month no questions how it's spent. There will be a EU army and EU police. EU warrant you can be arrested, removed from your country to anywhere in the EU if you are accused of anything and some EU countries work on guilty till proven innocent . The EU is a psudo Communist system unelected MASTERS controling everything in your life. Research first, who voted to be in a political union – the French,Irish and others said no but the MASTERS went ahead anyway. You must be mad it's not worth it just so you don't have to fill in a visa to go on holiday . I wait now for all the hate!! And do not quote free trade there is no free trade the UK pays for it it's subsidising the 10% of businesses who trade let's stay in then the 10% of businesses can pay the 13billion a year not me!!!

  9. Roger Bootle is the worst, the multi deal options reason is hilarious. Yes Europe does want free trade, so much so that they may even try to create a group or union if you will…..

  10. A no-deal Brexit has the potential to be amazingly beneficial to this country – and to individual businesses, with instant access to huge markets, opportunities for expansion, and the potential to be more successful and profitable. A no-deal Brexit means no restrictions – and freedom of choice.
    When you move house, it's an upheaval, but you do it anyway because you know it will be better than where you are now. But you soon get organised again. With a bit of fore-thought and planning, many of their concerns could be eliminated, and they may start to see the advantages. After all, businesses have done it all before – it's not a new thing. I hope they can start to see the possibilities of this – and benefit from it.

  11. Everyone forgets the government has no say in trade except what tarrifs are set it's businesses that control trade we leave no deal don't have to abide EU laws can make our own and businesses will have a field day with the UK the EU needs us to milk money from about £900 per second goes to the EU from the UK we don't need the EU we need to move forwards and grow freely like the rest of the world does

  12. If the UK leaves and pays nothing an agreement is in place due to the fact that the UK and the EU are full members of WTO rules, And WTO rules are as follows Each country that is a member must give the other preferential trade deals. therefore trade would go on as normal, assume the EU got childish about trade then they could be kicked out of WTO rules, they are not going to do that because the EU sells much more to the UK, than the other way round. So no deal way out is the best way by far to leave the EU. The long winded way of the Government will go on for months and months, until there will be no Brexit through shear fatigue, and evil opperators.

  13. “Armageddon”? No wonder I have a hard time liking us English sometimes! So dramatic. The rhetoric in our speech, the facial expressions! It’s all too much!!! Calm the eff down!!!

  14. Doesn't take these people 2 years to get a war started, does it? Billions down the drain and they don't give a damn. Doesn't take them 2 years to raise taxes, screwing over the very same people they are supposedly concerned about in terms of hardship. Doesn't take them more than the blink of an eye to outsource whole industries to the Far East. Or commit fraud in the financial markets with only a slapped wrist as a consequence. It's gratifying to know these "experts" are looking out for our best interests on this occasion though. Very comforting.

  15. Only a few months left now … And the deathstar will be completed !! Then there will be no need for delays "We can force them to our will through tyrannical allegiance !!" Long live the Empire

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