3 thoughts on “Family Law Update 2020 21

  1. Great info, thank you! You seem authentic. The Surviver Diaries UK Solicitor Carol
    https://youtu.be/HI7ist55l78 raises awareness about domestic abuser tactics in court.
    Please also see Samantha Baldwin's channel; horrific injustice, children were awarded to the abuser.
    Sadly this kind of abuse goes on victims are discredited, not believed and abused further by the family court system.
    satanic abuse survivers UK https://youtu.be/l-1Made2BVk
    Prof Sam Vaknin on Narcissistic abuse https://youtu.be/OAcm_qqw9ts and
    http://www.sutda.org and http://www.femocidecensus.org narcissistic, machevillian and dark triad cluster B personalities delight in destruction of innocents whilst charming everyone with a false mask. They do not accept responsibility for wrongs, deny abuse and have no morals or empathy, they are in for the kill and they have to win to keep the false facade/mask in place. Please see Ross Rossenburg, Enlightened Target & Dr Ramani about duplicitous but predictable strategies Narcissists use to gaslight, DARVO & triangulate everyone against the victim. Read the comments of (now adult) children whom they have destroyed, I was one of them it's a miracle I'm alive.

    You don't remove children from a safe parent, leave secretly, but quickly once you've had the death stare (black eyes) no contact is the only way to survive predators. If only I'd have had this info earlier, much tragedy could have been avoided. Please save our innocent children!

  2. Could you give me points to include in my asisgnement ‘The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 offers necessary change to an outdated law which has encouraged couples to play ‘the blame game’.  It will help to make the divorce process kinder and less confrontational, to the benefit of everyone involved.’  To what extent do you agree with this statement

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