Everyday Pilates Fundamentals For A Healthy Body

An everyday pilates class for a healthy body and to learn some fundamentals of pilates, a simple but still challenging class to help your spine and joints feel …


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46 thoughts on “Everyday Pilates Fundamentals For A Healthy Body

  1. Aloha Lottie! I brought you to Maui with me and introduced a new friend to Pilates with this routine. We did it on the lawn, next to the ocean under a palm tree. Couldn’t have been better and I’m pretty sure you have a new fan! I hope you’re having a great day!

  2. Love this video ! You explain things really well and make it easy to ensure I’m feeling things in the right place (always a challenge for an over extender / over flexible person !)

    I’ve got very sore wrists at the moment so for the last section I’ve been doing a minute plank on elbows followed by child pose. Do you have any other suggestions or alternative options to keep me off my wrists ?)

  3. I loved this class. I'm new to Pilates.
    I practice yoga on a regular basis and I used to do a lot of hiit as well.
    This is exactly what I needed. It's more dynamic than yoga but still restorative, and less intense for the knees than a hiit but still feels like a good workout.
    I love how mindful you are while teaching the class. Thank youuuuu, Lottie.

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