EU earthquake. The Brexit Party polls higher than Labour and Tories, COMBINED!

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 166. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the continued rise of The Brexit Party, …


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EU earthquake. The Brexit Party polls higher than Labour and Tories, COMBINED!

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  1. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, people. Get rid of career politicians from lib/lab/Con. Farage is pissed off to the max, and we all should rejoice. He's head and shoulders above the robotic, careerists politicians who have no ideas.

  2. BREXIT! The EU is an utter failure and just shows that the Zionists are getting flushed down the drain. Britain is taking its country back from globalist tyrants! The world is right behind you!

  3. Farage has already publicly stated that he has no intention or interest in being PM you dumb fucks.
    H e despises career politicians REGARDLESS which 'party' they belong to.
    He is a one issue moron and will leave the entire mess as he left it before to the assholes who want power, and that will be a balls up even worse then what has been played out so far.

  4. So…this is all about the ego of Alexander…how brilliant he was in his predictions. May I suggest that Brixit is a bit more important. ( all sarcasm intended)

  5. What suprises me is various groups call those who decided they wanted to leave the EU are everything from rascist to zenaphobic to uninformed to total idiots, then can't understand why they can't get them to come over to their way of thinking..

  6. May and her ilk had 2 and a half years to avoid this, it takes a special level of incompetance to fail after having that long. THEY are the reason people now look to Farage, THEY have only themselves to blame.

  7. the guardian is incredibly left wing. for their polo neck wearing readers to make labour top is to be expected but for so many of them to also say Brexit party also shows a lot of labour leave voters are interested in the Brexit party as well as the conservatives so that would suggest that they would do better than the liberal dims are capable of conceiving or believing. the highest rates of leave voting was in the north of England and the highest number of labour areas in England are in the north, they also have a tibal like support in wales but the majority of them voted leave as well. labour in England are mostly about scroungers and immigrants in most of England and they need wales Scotland and England to get enough to every get in and Scotland have their own wee kranky Corbyn of their own now so they would never get in, but without the support of the north or most of wales then they would be about half the liberal demotwats

  8. The mainstream politicians have somehow been promised something or they have already been paid off and compromised. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

  9. Nigel – he is the smartest and most adept politician in Britain, and is one of the very top in Europe. He should be Prime Minister.

  10. TBP will completely wipe the floor with absolutely everyone.

    Westminster, SNP, Plaid….all have completely underestimated the sheer scale of anger that those arrogant, obnoxious and patronising mps have caused.

    N Farage could literally become the next elected PM.
    And they will only have themselves to blame.
    Back the British into a corner and the wolf will bite back, his name is Nigel Farage.


  11. Tea is taken already.
    I think a nice specially brewed commemorative beer would be more suitable, it would be much more Nigel Farage's speed anyway.
    I am slowly beginning to feel very, very slightly more positive lately. It is still a holee shit show, but I'm starting to think thier ineptitude and incompetence is coming around to bite them on the arse. Labour too, but especially the Tories.
    Farage stepping in now and starting another party was splendid timing. The BBC and media have also completely inadvertantly played into the scheme. In thier delusional, bubble based, biased and isolated way they have been battering, ridiculing, vilifying, demonizing and othering UKip and generally painting anyone left of Stalin as right wing, far right, or out and and out Nazi's. Which has meant that instead of the voters being slip between UKip and the newer Brexit party, that the Media's propaganda campaign has completely failed and done the exact opposite of what they must have been wishing for. Now the disaffected voters from the Tory and Labour parties are not splitting evenly between Ukip and the Brexit party, the lions share are going with the name they know and kind of trust in Farage, and away from the party that has been painted as beyond the pale.
    I would be willing to put money on the fact this is NOT what they intended to happen. In fact the direct opposite. They have massively strengthened Farages and the Brexit parties hand and helped to seriously inflate thier share of the votes.
    I DO hope they are bright enough to realise this, and be suitably pissed off.

  12. Another thing , it isnt just the Conservative Party thats a shower of shit. Labour are as well in a big way, and the others
    being Liberal well there a disgrace. But they do share one thing massively in common – The leaders of all three are Weak and anti British, this is a fact.

  13. I was thinking just that, did you hear the the comment regarding Other Party members Joining The Brexit Party. Dont want them dont need them, Labour Voters stay where your are, your ignorant and to vote for The labour leader now
    means your blind, hes not a leader, hes not a true uk man, hes not a intelligent that can memories more than ten words
    on a piece of paper without having to look at it, and plus anyone that Has McDonnell in their Party isn't interested in
    being straight forward answering and being truthful, no keep away we dont want old bull shit is our new Set up ,go
    hide and lie elsewhere.

  14. Wealthy elite of Ireland and Scotland think the Great Britain should be united and think Brexit is good. I say it because I know from direct conversations and it’s very much unlike what we get on the 📺

  15. Aleksandr Mercouris – You've never played a role in a theater, a theater of some hypocrisy, " feast during a plague"? , I'm feel sick after only one look at you, Because you remind me a twisting worm on stick

  16. If the polls are rigged like they have been in the late couple of elections and the referendum can we trust them? I believe that the Brexit party could be hitting as high as 60% and may even be up to 80%. Its the silent majority that will speak in the EU election. We voted to leave the EU and our MP's said they would deliver brexit, they lied to us. We don't like being lied to and they will pay the price.

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