30 thoughts on “Ep-4 || India To USA Travel || Flight Journey During COVID || Travel Tips ||

  1. My dad is traveling to usa next week .. he has b1/b2 visa .. I can't understand telugu but can you please tell me about the covid test .. hours before flight and which one should we get it done .. is it antigen or RT-PCR ? please let me know 🙏

  2. Geetha Vlogs yes u r right that food is not up to the standards i really don't understand they charge that much and provide unbearable food really this caters r scammers, delhi to usa british airways flight and providing parle biscuits i can understand ur prostration but that seat changing indian tecnic u used on them to bring ur husband sit with u is really awesome very intelligent move from u and that badge is looking cool on u, after all the difficulties somehow u have reached ur destination. Thanks for this informative vlog for new travel to america wannabes

  3. Hello Geetha garu,
    Nice detailed video.
    Ee situation lo direct flights dorkatam chala kastam. So, Connecting flights book cheskune vallaki Dubai lo layover untundi most flights ki ala possible avthunda? Given that Dubai has banned

  4. మొదటి సారి విదేశాలకు వెళ్ళేవారు తప్పకుండా చూసి తెలుసుకోవలసిన vlog.
    Very useful to everyone who r going to abroad. Thank you so much.

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