eBay for Business | Seller News | Autumn 2018

Hear about the changes coming this autumn for UK business sellers. You can read more on …


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eBay for Business | Seller News | Autumn 2018

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  1. I wish eBay reads comments and look in to dislike percentage. Your are dying as your last quarter stocks value. Down 20% . Revert mess what you done on 20th of April and stop being Amazon.

  2. 10% on postal charges increase percentage on sale final cost increase paypal charges sale disappear fake claims on damaged goods full cost on postage returns ebay is down and out as a sales platform BUT the good news I retire in October and close my account WOW Happy days are here again the sun is out and it clear again

  3. ebay Does not listen to there customers and sales are dying but you come up with the lates out of the box idea to kill sales listen to your buyers sometime as ebay is the shoplifters paradise

  4. I irony here is that the more you tinker to copy amazon the more you piss off sellers who then join amazon…ebay allows buyers to take the piss and treats sellers like shit so its not rocket science why sellers are looking elsewhere and your targets are dropping….. this obsession to copy Amazon will turn you into the yahoo/myspace of the future.

  5. Wish they would stop throttling my sales, With marketing, I'm giving them 23% of my sales and with paypals, it's more like 30%. One week I can make £500…next week I make £68. Been selling on eBay for 13 years… no consistency any more…totally sporadic sales

  6. Not sure why the seller has to be penalised with regards to return label costs if that's against his policy? We're selling on different markets and not sponsoring returns to our buyers – why would we if some of them buying few items at once, checking which one they like and return the rest… with increasing charges, it's harder to stay competitive by reducing the margin + now this…. shame eBay

  7. Maybe just maybe do more for the business sellers and not so much for private sellers that are actually businesses. We pay a lot of the fees after all. Also I have automatic returns already but if customer holds on to something for weeks though I refund as soon as back will still get a ding. Not very fair is it

  8. More attempts by EBay to become Amazon. When will they realise that buyers use the two different platforms simultaneously for different items/reasons.
    Ebay is becoming a boring, generic, catalogue site. I wish they would focus on the things that made them unique rather than copy-catting other sites.
    Embrace your (former) originality EBay!

  9. The problem is, right now, I don't trust you eBay UK. When you say you'll do "Peer Comparisons" all I can think is there's a programmer in California or India whose been allocated 10 hours of resource time to create a script that will do something that kinda compares you to other sellers. Knowing my luck, I'll be compared to Argos or Music Magpie.

  10. Wonderful now we get charged an extra 4% for the fraudulent buyers opening item not as described cases. You could not make it up, the way ebay think some of these things up.

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