Dynasty Warriors – Character Popularity Poll (VOTE NOW!)

Join OhhhhMyJosh, as he gets hyped over the first ever Official Dynasty Warriors Character Popularity Poll in the West. Which officers will reign supreme? All aboard the Joshticle! Enjoy the…


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Dynasty Warriors – Character Popularity Poll (VOTE NOW!)

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  1. Wei: Zhang Liao, Wang Yi, Xu Huang
    Wu: Zhou Tai, Lian Shi, Sun Ce
    Shu: Xing Cai, Guan Ping, Zhao Yun
    Jin: Wen Yang, Sima Zhao, Wang Yuanji
    Other: Lu Bu, Lu Lingqi, Diao Chan

  2. Completed Jin's poll, hopefully my pick can survive into next round lol.

    1. Sima Shi. He secures Sima clan's dominance in Wei's court, takes all external/internal enemies on his shoulders, and is basically the kickstarter of Jin. Would like to see his wife join in the game too.

    2. Wang Yuanji. Don't know why giving her blonde hair but I really like the design she has. The ways she talks and dresses indicate her upper class background. She is cool on the outside but warm in the inside which is so sweet 🙂 Okay I am biased I like her historical self so I always wanted her to be added in DW since Jin was introduced.

    3. Sima Yi. Best villain for me in DW. Need more villains that motivate the player to beat them 😀 Of course being witty and schemeful villain adds so much points for me too. His rivalry with Zhuge Liang always give me so much joy 😀

  3. While Wei is my favorite kingdom I have to say that other probably has my favorite characters. I even like the villainous Dong Zhuo simply because it captures what he did and what he represents so well however only 3 can go through. Onto the Other category vote and my reasons.

    1st:Lu Bu: Why flee when you can embrace the dynastic and legendary might that is Lu Bu! Considered one of the more villainous characters of the 3 kingdoms era I can't help but feel he is treated a little harshly at times. Sure he betrayed a grand total of 3 times however its best to look at the context and the surroundings of each time he did so. First we have him betraying his adoptive father for Dong Zhuo. I would argue Dong Zhuo was a powerful tyrant at this point to not agree to him would have meant certain death for Lu Bu. The 2nd time he was seduced by the lovely Diao Chan hard for any man to resist such a seductress. The third time was by far the worse he was taken in out of the kindness of Liu Bei only to be convinced by Chen gong it was a good idea to take control himself. Lu Bu a fierce warrior and a mighty general was just not fit to be a ruler as history taught us and his final act of greed was his downfall. An intriguing and amusing character where Dynasty warriors just wouldn't be the same without him.

    2nd: Zhu Rong: Who else could compliment Lu Bu better with a 2nd ranking than the strongest female of the 3 kingdoms era herself. Historically is known to have beaten two Shu commanders despite falling prey to the intellectual titan Zhuge Liang's plot seven times. This fire brand is both strong and capable a good compliment to Meng Huo with their comedy skits within the franchise. Even though her role in the 3 kingdoms as a whole is minor which prevents her from being higher for me I enjoy her character and admire her traits as well as her achievements.

    3rd: Lu Linqi: A much newer entry to the franchise but a much welcomed one as it strengthens Lu Bu's character development and makes him come across as less heartless and less lustful. While I have to say this was close between her and the other new other entry that is the hilarious Chen Gong it was Ly Linqi that wins it for me. While she has a small role her she had a huge impact as strives to live up to the legend of her father and to make him proud as well as honing her craft as a warrior herself. She doesn't rank higher than Zhu Rong or Lu bu for me due to her lack of relevance and how little she actually did historically.

    With the other voting now at an end the total tally for me so far is
    Males: 3 Wei, 1 Shu, 2 Wu and 1 other. = 7 males
    Females: 2 Shu, 1 Wu and 2 other. =5 females

    Fairly balanced so far but with Jin I am likely to do 3 males which might shock some as I don't intend to vote for Wang Yuanji.

  4. My pick for the "Others" poll:

    1. Yuan Shao. With all of his flaws and handicaps, Cao Cao was still walking a thin line to defeat him. A dramatic warlord from his own underrated faction.
    2. Lewd Buu. He kickstarts his own overpowered boss archetype. His design is so iconic DW won't be DW without him.
    3. Dong Zhuo. I like villain characters in general and boy, Dong's wish is so basic he is almost adorable. His mistake is to be too honest and not discreet about his desire lol. Would also like to see more evil characters coming from his faction.

  5. Wu:
    1. Sun Shangxiang
    2. Lian Shi
    3. Lu Xun
    Wei: Zhang He, Cao Pi, Dian wei
    Shu: 1: Guan Yinping
    2: Xing Cai
    3: Guan ping
    Other: Zhou Rong
    And I REALLY don't have another
    Jin: Wang yuanji
    Zhong Hui
    Wen yang

  6. God… the background music brings back a lot of memories… somehow it reminds me of Zhen Ji because she was the first character that I played in DW5 (when I was still in 3rd grade of high school)

    Wei: Zhen Ji, Cao Pi, Wang Yi
    Shu: Yue Ying, Guan Yu, Huang Zhong
    Wu: Xiao Qiao, Lianshi, Zhou Yu
    Other: Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, Zuo Ci
    Jin: Zhong Hui, Zhang Chunhua, Wang Yuanji

  7. Now onto Wu again posting here unless there is another poll video. The first two were easy but the third choice was really tough this time round so many contenders for that first place.

    1st: Gan Ning. How could it be anyone else? This wild loose canon is not only brave but amusing and his skits with Lu Meng and Ling tong in Dynasty 8 were some of the funniest scenes in the entire Dynasty franchise. Had a huge role historically and has been around for a long time for me there was just no competition personally.

    2nd: Lian Shi: To older Dynasty players she is a fairly new addition but I think she has made Sun Quan grow as a character as a result. A bodyguard to Sun Shang Xiang and an impressive fighter in her own right she has a calm warrior demeanor mixed with a motherly kindness. A very interesting mix as a character. A shame that historically she didn't get the best treatment at times. However a great addition to the franchise for me.

    3rd: Han Dang: Okay now this was a tough there were a number of reasons I picked Han deng over others but he only just wins this third spot for me. Other contenders were Sun Shang Xiang, Huang Guai, Ling tong and Lu meng. I guess I will explain why the others lost out. Sun Shang Xian loses to Han Deng for having her character defined too much around loving Liu bei when she has so much more to offer and I hope KT does that in future installments. Huang Guai is an amusing old man and was a very loyal retainer there isn't a dull moment when he is around. However he is held back by the lack of role he has outside of Chi bi they need to put him to more use. Ling Tong is great I just wish so much focus wasn't put on his revenge against Gan Ning and more about his exploits for Wu. Lu Meng needs to stop being defined by Guan Yu or I just can't vote for him. Han Deng needs some love and despite looking fairly mundane is really amusing. Most importantly this way he won't be forgotten 🙂

    Final hated character for me is Zhu ran. How they could turn a crucial general of Wu into someone defined by strange homo erotic tensions with Lu xun. A wasted opportunity.

  8. Okay, voted the following for Wu poll:

    1. Zhou Yu. He builds Wu's foundation and wins the biggest battle against Cao Cao. When I think of Wu, I think of Zhou Yu.
    2. Sun Ce. Love his bright personality, look, and chemistry with other characters. He sets the tone for Wu: warmth and human connection.
    3. Lu Su. Wise, honest, sincere, and liked by everybody, I respect this man.

  9. Top 10? Not sure of places but I think they should be
    Lu Bu(of course)
    Gan Ning(ma man)
    Zhou Tai(ma man too 😉
    Ling Tong(ma maaaaan too 😉
    Cao Cao(my ambitions…)
    Zhang Liao(OP boy)
    Brother Dun(hell yeah)
    Liu Bey(shu easy)
    Guan Yu(too easy)
    Zhang Fei(very easy)

  10. Okay Shu time I will post this here in case there isn't another video on the Poll. The girls win it for me when it comes to Shu but this was harder than Wei for me personally.

    1st: Fa Zheng. He appears to be pretty popular in the forums too and I like his contrast to the rest of Shu and how his nature comes into conflict with others in Shu really makes him stand out. Fa zheng is also an interesting character historically as well and a long awaited addition to Shu for me. KT did an excellent job handling his character too. Hard choice but he took the top spot for me.

    2nd: Yue ying. Now why pick the wife over the legendary Zhuge Liang. I feel that Yue ying truly was the most impressive female during the 3 kingdoms period. Not only is she dedicated and loving but she has ambitions of broadening her wisdom and pursuing greater heights of knowledge also one of the greatest female inventors for her time. Zhuge Liang and her not only have good chemistry in the game but did so historically. The only flaw I have with her is that her personality could be a bit more vibrant and show off her intellectual curiosity more rather than restricting her to loving wife mostly. Glad to see she is so popular in the west she is a huge inspiration to me.

    3rd: Guan Yinping. Now this was the hardest yet had so many contenders for my 3rd pick. Pang Tong, Zhuge Liang and Ma Dai. However the lovely Guan Yinping was so charming and loving with a great personality. While her historical relevance is really lacking compared to other characters in the roster she did actually exist and she has great comedic moments. I feel I shouldn't just pick my choices based on historical context alone.

    Unlike Wei where I don't dislike any character Shu is home to two characters I really don't like at all. I try to like all characters if I can as its more to enjoy playing with a wide variety however Bao Sanniang and Liu shan are characters I can't bring myself to like no matter how hard I try. Bao Sanniang due to not actually existing and being a pure fan service character that brings nothing to Dynasty warriors other than her constant whining about Guan Suo. As for Liu shan I just hate his lazy disrespectful nature and wish he just gave the reins of power to someone else. Also historically he was a useless asshole he let his top eunuch handle everything while he partied. I really hope neither of these two make it into the semi final.

  11. Shu poll is really difficult to pick but my choices are:

    1. Liu Bei. He gets his own kingdom by not quiting. Impressive :0)
    2. Liu Shan. I love how DW make him wise and Xing Cai's the only one knowing his act.
    3. Guan Yu. My favorite dynasty warrior. The loyal God of War who takes both Wei and Wu to defeat. Awesome weapon and moveset. I want to be him.

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